Is It the End or Just a New Beginning? #31

Can you believe this month is over? I can’t.

I love the challenge of finding something hidden in every day I want to reveal to the person who happens to click on my link. Here are some things that I have noticed in my writing:

  • This year I see that I have written more poems as a post or within a post.
  • I had several cooking with recipes included. (If you ever try the crock pot one I’d love to know what you think. It’s okay if you don’t like it, but I think you will.)
  •  I have taken you into schools and shown work by special education students that inspired me. Then that post inspired Bonnie to write. Plus I happen to know that post was passed on to another special education teacher and a kindergarten teacher and they are planning their own writing. I am anxious to see the results. 
  • The weather played a big part in many posts. Mostly whining about winter hanging around too long.
  • I was a copycat. I read other posts and they became my mentor.
  • Emails were sources of posts.
  • Life gives me something to write about.
  • I like to include pictures, but I’ve always done that once I figured out how. 🙂

 Comments make me smile. So I smiled a lot this month. Thank you to all who left me something to go back and read. I hope I gave you something to smile about as you read my comments. If you left me a comment, I tried really hard to find you and return the favor. Sometimes it would have to be in the morning because my eyes couldn’t focus on the print as the evening progressed. (Plus I was just plain tired and had to go to bed. I am not a night owl.)

The sheer volume of posts available was overwhelming. I’m sorry I could not read every one. This challenge brings out the most interesting people who tell the most interesting stories of their lives.

  • My heart breaks for the sadness and troubles you have written about.
  • My heart fills with joy for the birth of new babies to the slicers.
  • I have laughed over the funny stories written.
  • I have lingered over stories that touched me.
  • I have made connections to stories you tell and related them to my life.
  • You have made me a better person by the examples you have shared.
  • You have pushed me to be a better writer.

So another challenge has been met. I have loved every day of it. This day will not be the end of my writing. Tuesday will be here and another slice will be linked. So this is the beginning of a new year of sharing a slice of my life, Elsie Tries Writing, and she likes it!

Thank you Stacey and Ruth, you are the rock stars of my writing world!