A Free Ride?

Tap, tap, tap my fingers move across the keyboard in my lap. My iPad sits beside me. Ding! That sound tells me I have a new email message. I finish my comment then head over to the mail tab that is open on my screen.

As usual the iPad has downloaded the message before the laptop. I click the “Check mail” button and wait the few seconds to see who sent an email. Maybe it’s a notice that someone commented on my slice. Maybe it is notice that a blog I follow has put up their slice for the day. Or maybe it is a friend dropping me a note. It is none of those options.

The From tab says Info-Toyota; the subject tab says Avalon-Complimentary Rental. “What’s this? I ask my husband. He reads car blogs all the time, so if Toyota had a deal, he would know about it. He has no clue what this is about. I open the email and read Try Before You Buy. Complimentary 2013 Avalon Rental.

“I wonder why we got that?” I muse. My husband quickly sends a message to his friend who works at the Toyota dealer to see what he knows about this deal. The response is immediate. He writes back, its a deal, you should take advantage. They only sent it out to certain people.

“I wouldn’t mind driving one for a day,” my husband says. “We could go to St. Louis for the day.” He wants to visit the REI store. I wouldn’t mind because then I could finish reading my book plus that means I’m not cooking either. Sounds like a win – win situation for me.

So we now have a hybrid 2013 Avalon car reserved. Should be a fun day and a comfortable drive. However, it could be an expensive day if my husband decides he’d like to own this car. But I’m not too worried.

24 thoughts on “A Free Ride?

  1. mrssurridge says:

    Some of the best memories are made from jumping in the car and doing something you hadn’t planned. Have a great time! I hope it’s a good book.

  2. b says:

    I agree with Christy — this is a fun, spontaneous day trip!! I was also thinking too, how expensive it could end up being if the car is added to the dinner tally ;). I’m glad you’re not too worried. Enjoy your day away with the new ride!!

  3. Elsie, I hope you enjoy your day in a new car on a road trip. Also, thank you for all of the kind comments you have left me during this past month. I have enjoyed this writing/connection experience.

  4. Jackie Haworth Hoy says:

    How fun…what a great way to test a new car. My dad seemed to get those offers…or at least convince the dealers to let him have the car for a day. You will have to write a post about your experience. Jackie

  5. A click and a whole new possibility opens up. I have a feeling we’ll be hearing about this day, Elsie…and I am already looking forward to it!

  6. How fun! We bought a used Avalon back in the day for our teenagers (it had side airbags)! The salesmen coommented that the average age of an Avalon owner was 50, not knowing that we were getting the car for the kids.. It’s still going strong (12 years later) for our son & wife in DC.

  7. What fun that is! Like last week when I had to rent a car because new tires were being put on mine. I loved the “zip” of the new Nissan! It sounds like a terrific advertising ploy, Elsie. Have fun at REI-one of my favorite stores.

  8. Lynn says:

    What a great surprise! I would love that but unfortunately, I wold be tempted to buy the car as I am not a good window shopper 😉 Have fun on your road trip!

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