What Does This Mean?#26


Can you spot the differences in the pictures above? The one on the left was waiting, on the island in the kitchen, for my husband when he got up  February 14. The one on the right was also on the island when I got up. Hmmm. . . what does this mean?

You will notice it is the same bottle of wine in each photo. This is the first time we have ever bought each other a bottle of wine. My cousin spoiled our palates with this wine last fall. (Rombauer Winery, cabernet sauvignon) It was so smooth and buttery, we loved it! Then we found out how much it cost. Yikes! That is way above what we usually spend on a bottle of wine. (You can tell we are not wine aficionados, but we do enjoy a nice glass once and a while.) However, the idea was filed away in my mind that this might be something special to get some time. Apparently, my husband filed the same thought away.

One day as I was shopping, I saw the dark chocolate mint flavored M & Ms and knew that would be something my husband would love. He went to a small patisserie and bought hand-made dark truffles for me. Obviously, he wins on that point. Finally, we each had a card in a red envelope.

I burst out laughing when I saw the items on the island. We’ve been married thirty-five years. Are we morphing into the same person? This was too funny but yet a bit scary.

The truffles were delicious!

The truffles were delicious!