Where Do You Belong? #24

Check out the picture below, do you notice something missing? Not sure, let me explain a bit further.


I am in my car on a road. The window is down to get a clearer image. What’s missing? A fence you say? Yes, these two bovines are wandering free. I think they may be looking for that elusive greener grass.

Let me back up. I am traveling down a back farm road on my way to get groceries. My mind is busy plotting out my meals for the week as I round a bend. My brain says, “Whoa there! Something is not right in this picture,” as I come to a dead stop. Slowly I back up (don’t want to startle the beasts) to get a better view and to verify there is no fence. The cow looks up at me and moves slightly away, as if to say, “Mind your own business, I know what I’m doing.”

I pause to think what I should do. Do I tell someone or just head on to the store? What would you do? I decide I need to tell someone. I back up more to enter a driveway of the house closest to where the cows are. Hmmm . . . ┬áthere isn’t really a front door. There is a door on the side, but there is a treadmill wedged in that space. I continue on to the back deck/porch area. There is a vehicle parked out back, so I figure someone lives here. I knock on the back door. I wait. I wait. No one comes.

I don’t know what else to do, so I leave. The cows are still nibbling. But I will check on the return trip and try again.

Forty-five minutes later, I am returning, but this time I approach slowly. Not a cow in sight! I scan the fields and yards around, but still no cow. Hopefully, the cows are safe, but you know the next time I head down that road, I will be looking for cows on the loose.