Questions #23

cow 1

This post was inspired by Steph at Box of Chocolates 29.

Why are you looking at me?

Have you been banished to this section of the field? Are you in time out?

Do you really want to know? Or are you just a curious on-looker?

Is it something you said or something you did? Is everyone mad at you?

It really doesn’t matter but, would you be so kind as to open this gate for me?

Where would you go? What would you do?

Why do you care? Can you help a bovine out?

Wouldn’t the farmer miss you? Are you old enough to be on your own?

Is it fun on the other side of this gate? Could I find some greener grass to munch? Hey, where are you going? Weren’t you going to let me out?  Will you be back tomorrow? Can we chat again?

26 thoughts on “Questions #23

  1. Thanks for writing this post (and sharing Steph’s). What an interesting structure. I enjoyed the conversation between the cow and the person looking from the other side of the fence. Enjoyable! (and challenging)

  2. What a great way to craft a slice. Your picture is a great prompt for writing. I plan to share this with a fourth grade teacher. I think kids would have fun with this structure.

  3. Tam says:

    I love cow faces. A bovine is still a cow, right? Sometimes you do wonder what animals, especially dogs and cats, think about.

  4. Great pic, great questions, great fun!

    Reminds me of some cow stories… On a trip we took when we were young, my mom remembers that my brother was fascinated by the cows we passed along the road. He said in a slow, lazy voice, “I like cows.” She asked him why, and he replied, “They just lay there and look at you with those sad eyes.” Then there is the story of my sister and her encounter with cows one time when we were visiting our uncle. She went across the road to the neighbor’s hillside pasture to play and came back crying inconsolably, and my Uncle Cecil asked, “What’s wrong, Susie-Q?” and she replied, “Oh, Uncle Thee-thul, I ‘tepped in dat old cow mud!”

    thanks for the fun, Elsie!

  5. My family makes fun of me because I always imagine what animals are thinking. They say animals don’t think, but I know they’re wrong! I enjoyed this conversation, especially the unique style in all questions. Cute!

  6. Did you know this would be such a fun post to read? I love it…it actually made me think of my children I know. That didn’t sound good…but it is. I used to wonder what my kids were thinking when they were babies. Before they could talk, when they just smile and play and coo. I always wondered what they would say to me if they could only get it out. Would it be “get that rattle out of my face” ??? Who knows?

  7. Delilah says:

    How funny! Don’t open the gate, it really wants out and they are fast and it is difficult to get back into the pasture! I live in a farming community surrounded by animals I may have to talk with them. Great post.

  8. Ramona says:

    Did you see this guy on one of your walks? Does the farmer know that you are a cow whisperer? Will you be talking with other animals on future posts?

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