Spring Takes a Stand #20

Here is a poem that I started working on after our one summer day which was followed by several days of spring-like weather. I thought it would be just right for the start of spring. However, old man winter is having his last laugh as we are predicted to get some measurable snow on Thursday.




Spring heard Summer was pushing her way in.

It wasn’t time for Summer to arrive.

Winter reached his gnarled hand out to hold on,

But Spring pushed him back.

"Did you hear? Spring is on her way!"

“Did you hear? Spring is on her way!”

“This is my time,” she declared in a voice that surprised her with its strength.

Although she knew she was a few days early,

She didn’t let that stop her arrival.

She resembles her sister, Summer, but her warmth is not quite as searing.

She brings healing rains, which will turn the faded yellow grass back to its lush and verdant state.

Her warm breezes encourages leaves to unfurl so that they may sway to the tune of the chirping birds.

Winter wear is stowed as the people embrace the coming of Spring.

Welcome back Spring!

Can you stay awhile?


I don’t think spring will be arriving anytime soon at my cousin’s home in Wisconsin. He said he’s still waiting for the January thaw. I think you are out of luck cousin. How about a May thaw?

How many of you are living in a world buried under the white?

How many of you are living in a world buried under the white?