Where Did It Go? #19

I have a special coin case in my purse. It has never held coins or money of any nature. This is the pouch I use to store gift cards, discount cards, loyalty cards, punch cards, etc. At one time they fit into my wallet. As the collection grew I knew I needed to find some other way of organizing and storing them. At first I thought a rubber band would do the trick. It didn’t. Eventually I found the coin purse and it fit the bill. It held all the cards (they measure 1.5 inches thick).

Now stores have replaced the credit card sized card with the mini card that you are supposed to put on your key ring. That’s great they are smaller, but after a while they take over the key ring. All the little cards were moved to a single ring and stored in the coin purse with the larger sized cards. I’m very careful with my cards, because I like a deal or discount.

key ring

So I was perturbed when I went to Panera’s several weeks ago and reached into my coin purse for the ring of cards and it was gone. I rooted around but could not find it. Fortunately, they take your phone number and that records your purchase. I could not imagine what had happened to the ring. It was no where in my purse.

Ah yes, maybe it is on my desk. Something was stirring in my mind that I had to go on-line and enter some number from one of the cards. As soon as I got home, I went immediately to my desk. It was not in sight. I lifted papers. I moved folders. I shifted books. No ring.

It really bugged me that I could not find it. I kept returning to my purse, maybe it was in a side pocket. No ring. What happened to it? I thought about going to the grocery store to see if I dropped it there, but in my heart I knew I had not. So slowly I was going about the business of replacing the cards on the ring.

Yesterday I wore a coat that hadn’t been worn in a while. I put my hands in the pocket and felt something. My fingers explored the item as I was bringing it out. There was a ring. There were small rectangular shapes attached. Yes, it was the missing card ring!

Slowly a vague memory came back. My husband and I were going out to lunch. I didn’t want to bring my purse. I needed the loyalty card to get the discount. I dropped it into my pocket. We ate, we returned home, I hung up my coat. I didn’t wear that coat because the weather turned colder.

Mystery solved, ring returned to the coin purse. I must be more mindful (OLW) of my belongings.