An Offer I Won’t Refuse #15

An email popped up in my inbox from our insurance company. I thought it would be a reminder that we had a payment due. But no that is not what it was. It was an offer to complete a survey. Hmmm . . . I think boring, but wait what is that extra sentence. Do I spot a favorite word in that sentence? Yes, Amazon is mentioned and they are not talking about the river. If you complete this survey we will send you an Amazon gift card for $10. Heck, I’d have done it for $5 (but don’t tell them).

A few quick questions and about eight minutes later I have completed the survey. Woo hoo! I’m getting an Amazon gift card! (Picture me doing a happy dance.)  Oh, what do you mean it might take 7-10 days to get it to me? Okay, I can wait, but mentally I start thinking of all the new books I’ve been reading about. What will I pick? I’m giddy with excitement anticipating the new book (s).

A few days later Amazon sends me an email with a list of book ideas they think are best picks for the month of March. (Wasn’t that kind of them? :-))  As I wait for my gift card code, I peruse the choices. Three catch my eye.

matchbox red sloth

You know if you spend $25 there will be free shipping, so . . .

Or do you have suggestions? I have the certificate now and it is burning a hole in my pocket.