A Sign #14


Are you thinking “What is this all about?” That’s exactly what I thought the first time I encountered this sign.

It is sitting on the guest registration desk of a motel where I stay at when I work with one school district. The first time I was startled by the message. Have you ever planned to clean fish in a motel room? I can honestly say I have never had even the slightest desire to clean a fish, let alone in a motel room. ¬†What prompted this motel to plant this thought in the guest’s head?

Obviously I was unaware of the landscape in the surrounding area. When it was revealed to me that there was a lake nearby I started to grasp the meaning and purpose of this sign. So what you are telling me is that this is a lake that has fish in it. Apparently it is used by fishermen who do not live nearby. These fishing folk must find lodging because they fish for more than a single day.

Now I see the reason for this sign. Once the fish are caught, they must be cleaned. But do it elsewhere this motel says. The maid does not want to find fish guts in the trash tomorrow.

This leads me to question the fishermen. What do you do to keep the fish fresh? There are no refrigerators in the room. Are you draining the ice machine for your cooler? How long can you keep them that way? Doesn’t the room reek of fish? Why do you think I would want to breathe fish after you leave?

So thank you management for preventing this problem. I have never had a hint of fish in any of the rooms I have occupied. I hope this sign was a result of being proactive and not reactive.