Sunrise #13

The good thing about the time change is once and awhile I can catch a sunrise.

The day is dark as I begin my daily task in March. My robe is wrapped tightly to warm me in the early hour of the day as the heat slowly brings the cooled house to a warmer temperature. Coffee is brewing as I settle into the couch with the computer on my lap. I must get today’s post finalized and published. One last check of the written words before clicking on Publish. Copy and paste the link and my coffee is ready.

Once again, I settle back into the couch, quick sip from the steaming cup while I click to find a plethora of slices to read. There are some seriously early posters. After reading/commenting on a few, I happen to look up. On a diagonal line from my perch, there is a window facing the east. A sphere of pink has crept into my line of vision.

I read another slice. I glance at the window, wondering what will have changed in the last two minutes. The pinks have radiated out and purple stripes are floating across the sky. Slowly blue begins to filter between the pinks and purples,  claiming its piece of the sky.

Quickly I grab the phone, head out into the back yard to preserve the colors. Just in those few moments, the colors are dissolving as the daylight enters. Nature has a way of waking one up with a smile.