The Last One #12

After my culinary disappointment last week, I decided I needed to have a success story. Something to prove that my cooking skill had not died (the pizza from yesterday’s post was still days away). What could I make that would redeem my esteem? I know, chocolate chip cookies would be tasty and I have not made them for a long time (actually years, I can’t remember the last batch I made).

There was a time in my marriage (young and foolish) that you would find some kind of dessert item in my kitchen. Every week I made some kind of sugar loaded treat to feed my husband and friends as we sat around playing cards. Then my son came along and the brownies, cookies, cakes, pies continued to reside in my kitchen. However, there came a time when there wasn’t anyone to eat the treats except my husband and me, so the baking came to an end, except when we would have guests for dinner.

Imagine my husband’s surprise and delight when he discovered I had whipped up a batch of Consumer Reports Practically Perfect Chocolate Chip Β Cookies. Of course we had to eat one still warm from the oven that first night. As I pulled the last pan out, I knew that I had to have a really hot one, just to savor in that warm soft dough mixed with the melty chips. Mmmm!

For the next few days I would have one with my last cup of coffee, one for dessert after lunch, and dinner. I know I was not alone in consuming these cookies. Now there is only one left in the container. It does not belong to me. I had mine. It is so sad lying there all alone. My taste buds are weeping that there will be no more . . .

All alone :-(

All alone 😦

Unless I get the portion out of the freezer that I put away. πŸ™‚


21 thoughts on “The Last One #12

  1. I’ll take it! πŸ™‚ I can’t even bake, or buy treats, because they are GONE before they are done baking or being pulled out of the grocery bag! πŸ™‚ Your will power to eat one at a time amazes me!

  2. We have great stories about cookies at our house. I may have to do a cookie post soon. I can’t imagine going years without baking cookies. I make my “famous cookie bars” for WOW parties in my classroom. Details to come in a future post. For now, did you every finish that last cookie?

  3. Yum, even the last one looks good, Elsie. I try to buy little things, just for me to have something, yet not always. It isn’t easy always to find one something that I like. I think I might have to resort to baking & the freezer. This is not a new thing. My husband was not a sweet eater at all so I was always throwing things out unless someone came over to visit. Thanks for the intro about the cookies. Maybe soon; my son, daughter-in-law & grandson are up skiing but will return on Thursday or Friday.

  4. Mmmm, right out of the oven is the best! You’ve made my mouth water! I like how you tried to make us think they were almost gone, and then you mentioned the others in the freezer! A great surprise ending! πŸ™‚

  5. This post made me smile, and made me hungry. What I wouldn’t give for one of those practically perfect chocolate chip cookies right now. In our house we often find a single cookie, brownie, or piece of pizza looking lost and lonely .It seems, nobody wants take the last one, (okay, we want to, but we don’t) lol………….So, who ended up eating your last cookie? Let me know if you need a taste-tester when you take the batch out of the freezer. I would be happy to help you out:-)

  6. Julie says:

    Homemade, fresh from the oven chocolate chip cookies are my downfall – I am a strong person but I simply cannot say NO to these. I’d sure be happy to help you out with that last lonely cookie, were I there! πŸ™‚

  7. I am having a cup of coffee right now, and wish I could just reach in there and help myself to you lonesome cookie, Elsie. of course, here’s hoping that you did the right thing and just ate it!

  8. My absolute vice — chocolate chips cookies. I free them too and can’t g away from retrieving them after dinner each night. I thought the freezer trick would work. Love your descriptive words in today’s slice — now, if you could work your magic on the soup I’m eating for lunch right now, I’d probably v more interested in it!

  9. Tam says:

    I know what you mean about sweets in the house. I could post about cookies! I’m glad you took time to enjoy your love of cookies and a post to go with it!!

  10. I’m sure that cookie is long gone by now! Looks yummy!.I’m going to try your recipe. My chocolate chip cookies never turn out to perfection.

  11. Judy C. says:

    Oh that poor, lonely cookie – how could you resist? Of course, you knew (but did hubby) that there were still more hidden away for later. Glad to hear that your culinary talents are still in tact!

  12. Again, something about cooking that lends itself well to stories. I also like the idea of whose cookie is whose. There are unspoken rules in our house about eating the last cookie or claiming the treat you want. We are not as polite as you are, I’m afraid.

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