The Last One #12

After my culinary disappointment last week, I decided I needed to have a success story. Something to prove that my cooking skill had not died (the pizza from yesterday’s post was still days away). What could I make that would redeem my esteem? I know, chocolate chip cookies would be tasty and I have not made them for a long time (actually years, I can’t remember the last batch I made).

There was a time in my marriage (young and foolish) that you would find some kind of dessert item in my kitchen. Every week I made some kind of sugar loaded treat to feed my husband and friends as we sat around playing cards. Then my son came along and the brownies, cookies, cakes, pies continued to reside in my kitchen. However, there came a time when there wasn’t anyone to eat the treats except my husband and me, so the baking came to an end, except when we would have guests for dinner.

Imagine my husband’s surprise and delight when he discovered I had whipped up a batch of Consumer Reports Practically Perfect Chocolate Chip  Cookies. Of course we had to eat one still warm from the oven that first night. As I pulled the last pan out, I knew that I had to have a really hot one, just to savor in that warm soft dough mixed with the melty chips. Mmmm!

For the next few days I would have one with my last cup of coffee, one for dessert after lunch, and dinner. I know I was not alone in consuming these cookies. Now there is only one left in the container. It does not belong to me. I had mine. It is so sad lying there all alone. My taste buds are weeping that there will be no more . . .

All alone :-(

All alone 😦

Unless I get the portion out of the freezer that I put away. 🙂