New Things #10

Don’t you just love getting new things? Most of the time I do, but sometimes a new thing is a hassle. Like getting a new computer. It’s lovely and it will do all sorts of things your old one didn’t do, but you have to learn how to use it. Nothing seems to be in the same place. It took me forever to figure out how to get the back history to show on my tool bar. But I did figure it out and we are all compatible now. I’ve had this computer for about two years. I don’t want to change, I have no need to change, and that’s not what this post is really about. It was simply an example.

I got a new barbecue grill last weekend. The old one was rusting out around the gas vents and I’d already replaced that once before so I was ready to get a new one. I read somewhere that this is the time of year to buy a grill. I don’t know why, because they are not on sale. My husband headed to his trusty Consumer Reports magazine to find out which one is the best. In case you are wondering, it is Weber. Off we go to Home Depot to purchase  a new lawn mower and a grill. Both items are bought quickly because he has done his homework.

The grill sat huddled against the back wall all week because we had several inches of snow on the ground. We had to wait to bring it around to the patio. Once on the patio I needed to install the propane tank under the grill. I had looked at the diagram and knew what I had to do. I was rather excited because it said there was a gauge that would let you know when you were low on gas. I usually run out in the middle of preparing dinner.

I find the box under the grill, but don’t see the gauge. Darn, I think, this model doesn’t come with the gauge. However, as I am studying this box, it appears that the hook for the gas tank is not right. The closer I examine, the more I am convinced this box has been installed upside down.

I have my husband look to confirm my thinking. We get the box turned around and what do you suppose I discover? Yes, that’s right there’s the gauge.

Woo hoo! The gauge will tell me when my gas is low.

Woo hoo! The gauge will tell me when my gas is low.

Tonight I grilled veggies and burgers. There’s a learning curve and the next time I will know a little more about how this grill works. Sometimes I hate getting new things (even when they are needed).

23 thoughts on “New Things #10

  1. Wow you get so many comments there isn’t much that’s left unsaid! But along with the rest of your readers, I loved this post and can definitely relate to it. I find that for a lot of things it takes time to get comfortable with them-even people. When you make new friends or get a new teacher, you can’t get frustrated and jump to conclusions right away, however hard that may be to do.

  2. I commend you for figuring out the problem with the box. I would have already called dad, and brother, and complained to a friend (or two) and wondered if I am going to be single and figuring these things our by myself for the rest of my life, and I probably would have just given up. 🙂 I will take away from this post, your commitment and confidence to simply figure it out. Usually, I have learned, it’s actually not as hard as I make it. 🙂

  3. First of all, Dave was in the mood to get something new too…I talked him down. The grill is a great idea because those veggies sound great and it is fun cooking outside in the spring. I love that hubby was prepared with the Consumer report…they are so thoughtful, aren’t they? xo

  4. Even though I am a risk taker in lots of areas, I hate new things. I need a new grill, but have not bought one. And I have one rule- I never buy anything where the final product is a different shape than the box.

  5. Julie says:

    I agree – the “getting” part is so fun! The “figuring out how the damn thing works” is the pits – and usually left to me! Glad you figured it out.

  6. At least you did not try what I did once. I bought a new grill the day I was having a dinner party….and we ended up having the guests help put the thing together. We all laughed about it as we had dinner a few hours late. I felt like I was right there with you trying to figure out your new grill…and glad you found the gauge.

  7. mrssurridge says:

    You are right. New things often frustrate me before they help me. I expect that, since it’s new, it will work well immediately. I always forget to account for owner error.
    You’ve got me craving BBQ!

  8. Thistle me laugh out loud. I hate getting new things sometimes too all due to trying to figure out how to work it! In the end it’s worth the hassle, but it’s still a hassle. Confrats to to and your husband, and happy grilling!

  9. I am horrible at “how stuff works.” I let other people (husband, sister, colleagues, people in the world who share things on internet) figure things out and then learn from them.
    For me your post was not about a new grill and leanring but about spring approaching – grilling veggies.

  10. Jaana says:

    I have a relatively new camera. I have tried to avoid reading the manual and just figure out how to use it. I can do a few things, but I think I am at the point that I need to proceed to reading the manual. Well, I can read, can’t I:)

  11. Just the idea of grilling again makes me happy – because it signifies warm weather, sandals, and more sun. Your grilled veggies and burgers sounds like a perfect way to say, “Hello Spring…at last!!”

  12. I liked how you and your guy worked this out. He did the homework, you were the cheerleader. As you worked on it together, you used both your strengths to assemble the grill. We didn’t hear about any bad words, so it seems like you are both great at not sweating the left turns. We usually end up with something backwards, upside down or inside out! Love our Webber grill!

  13. Judy C. says:

    I totally agree, getting something new can be so exciting and frustrating at the same time – especially when it isn’t “put” together correctly. Kudos to you for figuring out the problem. Happy grilling and no more running out of gas in the middle of cooking.

  14. When I moved, I left my old printer behind & bought a new one with a scanner and a fax, but… Just as you said, among all the other things to do, I had to set this up. Now I love it, but at first not so much. It sounds like you are a great person to understand how things work, Elsie. Terrific! And-I wanted to thank you again for that post about the comment captchas. It saves so much time “not” to do the numbers, etc. I hope many read your post! Happy Sunday!

  15. Tam says:

    Know what you mean. I think just living in today’s world, one must be willing to change whether you want to or not just to keep up with day to day activities. Grilled veggies–mmmmmmmmmmm.

  16. Yes. It’s a little more tedious when we lack the automaticity we were used to…it reminds me of moving kids up a level in reading…they have to work a little harder for the next set of automatic skills to come naturally…easily taken for granted sometimes.

  17. It’s always good for me to experience some frustration on the learning curve. It helps me understand how my students feel. Kudos to you and hubby – I’m not sure I would have figured out that the box had been installed upside down.

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