My Perch #8

When writing blog posts or comments, it is necessary to be comfortable. This is my nest . Let me explain what you see.


The couch is leather, therefore it is cold. In the summer that is acceptable. In the winter it is not acceptable. Cold seeping through the rear end sends chills to all parts of the body. It is to be avoided at all costs. That is why a folded soft comforter is the barrier between my rear and the leather. Two pillows are required to support my back. Every now and then, they need fluffing.

Are you wondering about the items that look like mittens? They are fingerless gloves that a very dear friend knits for me each year. My hands get cold typing or even when reading the paper. When I wear them, my hands stay warm, but yet my fingers have the freedom to move across the keyboard or pop at treat (perhaps  an almond or chocolate covered blueberry)  into my mouth.

The laptop sits on a white board so it has a firm surface and the fan vents don’t get blocked by the fabric of my clothes. Of course there are power cords nearby to keep the computer, phone, and ipad happy.

The ottoman coffee table in front of the couch is at a perfect distance so I can prop my feet up. An iced tea rests on a coaster.  One needs to stay hydrated when participating in the challenge. Unfortunately the paperwhite flowers are artificial, but they do bring a touch of spring into the room. (The real ones were not good for my husband’s allergies.)

Are you in a warm and comfortable location?