Old Friends, Good Times #6

A few weeks ago, my husband and I attended a surprise birthday party for a friend who just turned 60. When we got the invitation, I took a mental trip back down memory lane to when my husband and I met Leslie and John.

Mike and I were married in June and now it was August. It was time to get our classrooms set up in this new school where we both had jobs. I was at the rental house  unpacking boxes when Mike came in from his trip to check out his classroom.

“Met a guy named John. He and his wife teach here too. He wanted to know if we played games,” my husband said.

“What kind of games does he mean?” I replied, worried that he was talking about games I had no interest in (this was the 70’s, not that far removed from the sexual revolution of the 60’s).

“I’m not sure, but he wants us to come over to meet his wife, Leslie, tonight,” he said.

So with a bit of trepidation I went and found that the games he played were games we played. We spent many an evening playing cards and board games since we were too poor to do much of anything else.

The next year another couple joined us playing games. We spent twenty years together as best friends and co-workers. We went through a lot, as we added children to our group. These people know us in ways no one else does. These are friends for life.

Stacey hit the nail on the head when she said friendships recharge our spirit. Our spirit was recharged the night of the party as we reminisced with friends that we haven’t seen in a while. The Christmas card update letter can only do so much. Being there was important for the birthday girl, but also for my soul.

18 thoughts on “Old Friends, Good Times #6

  1. I love this, Elsie! I dream of having this kind of circle of friends with my future hubby… I suppose I should dream of him a bit more first, but that is just too exhausting sometimes. It’s much more fun to skip forward and dream of those fun game nights, and the support network of people who “get us”. 🙂 What a fun memory.

  2. Julie says:

    Next to warm summer nights in the backyard, grilling dinner and sipping beer with company, game nights are my favorite. I envy you your long-standing friendships. We currently have none…. kinda lonely. Think that’s why I so value my SOLSC friends – like YOU.

  3. I hope that someday I will be lucky enough to find lifelong friends like you have. This is such a sweet story and I’m glad you were able to “recharge” your friendships.

  4. My husband and I have been best friends for so long. We’ve moved enough to have lost all the old friends we had years ago to moves all over the country for all of us. I can’t say that we have any friends like the ones you are blessed to have. I think about that occassionally. We have Cribbage and Dominoes and Jenga and Scrabble. Is it time to get some friends?

  5. b says:

    This is fun! It’s true—when you’re young and in a new situation, the people you meet do come with strong connections. I’m so happy you could reconnect and pick up with all the familiar topics!

  6. Sounds like you have a lovely friendship! My husband and I actually love to play board games with too! Sadly, a lot of our college friends have now moved away and we haven’t really made many friends at our jobs, so I’m kind of jealous of your long-ago story. You make me want to set something up with our few friends who still live close by!

  7. My husband and I actually met because our parents were those kind of “let’s play cards tonight” people. We’ve not had those kinds of friends in our married life, but are trying to build a few of those relationships now. You are indeed blessed. Thanks so much for sharing.

  8. It’s lovely to have friends like this – people you go far back in time and have so many collective memories with. I can just imagine how livly your conversations must have been, or how many memories you were able to unlock and have a good laugh over. How nice for all of you, Elsie!

  9. Tam says:

    I agree, long time friends are the most precious. It’s funny how someone else’s writing can help the mind snuggle into the same type events/feelings the author has. Thanks.

  10. This slice is a gift to share with your dear friends! Very, very sweet. Such a great friendship. I think it is especially delightful when you, as a couple, are good friends with another couple. Thanks for sharing.

  11. There is something so special about long time friends. The ones we have created our personal history with. Things that don’t have to be explained because they were there. Spending time with them does recharge our spirits.

  12. I’m so glad you were there to celebrate…we all were so poor back then. We could never have imagined that we would eventually be looking at these retirement years. I loved that you played games, we used to have game nights with our staff…the right kind of games, of course. XO

  13. What lovely memories…and I can understand your trepidation at going to that first game night! The one thing I found I like about Facebook is that I have been reconnected with many old friends. It is not quite like your ‘recharging of spirit’ but it works. Thanks for bringing some memories to me.

  14. Elsie, we played lots of games too in our early marriage, & again because we were poor & it was good entertainment. I’m still in touch with some of those couples, & we start right up talking when we meet. You can’t erase the history of what we all experienced together, can you? Thanks for reminding me how important the friendships are.

  15. Judy C. says:

    Friends are our life savers. I keep in touch with “old” friends and get together whenever we head north. We seem to just be able to pick up where we left off. We have made many new friends when we moved to the Ozarks. They are all special. Thanks for sharing you friendship.

  16. Yes, friends are good for the soul. We have moved every five years, so my friends are scattered. Our last move was the hardest. I cried and cried thinking I would never find another friend. I now have friends in Pennsylvania, and friends I have met through Two Writing Teachers.
    I even have a friend who likes strawberries and walking.

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