Secret Addiction #5

I have an addiction that only is revealed in the winter when it snows. You might be thinking it’s some thing normal like constructing snowmen, creating snow angels, or engaging in fierce battles with snow balls. But you are not even close to guessing.

Picture in your mind a snowy day, the main streets have been plowed, so you need to get out to pick up a few groceries. You made it to the store, you have parked, and are about to head into the store when you notice a chunk of snow and ice wedged between the tire and the car. What do you do? Ignore it or remove it? I have to nudge Β it.Β (Okay, it’s more like a kick than a nudge.) There is some quirky satisfaction I get from seeing and hearing that chunk fall. THUNK! Once I do one tire, I must check the other three and make that clump fall. Only then can I go into the store to purchase my groceries.

However, as I am walking past the other vehicles, I notice so many cars with icebergs hanging on for dear life. My foot twitches with the desire to “kick the clump,” but I resist (most of the time). I know I should not touch other people’s cars, but sometimes the urge is too great and I sneak a quick kick in when no one is looking.

So the next time you get into your car, check your clump. If it has fallen you may wonder, was the clump kicker here or did it melt and fall on its own?

22 thoughts on “Secret Addiction #5

  1. says:

    That was FUNNY!!! I am like that with picture frames. I can’t stand to see them hang crooked!! I try to resist the urge to straighten other peeps pictures, especially because one time in a restaurant, I got up to straightened a picture and it fell off the wall!! I can just picture you kicking the clump off someone else’s car and the car alarm goes off!!

  2. Elsie,
    This made me laugh. I was all ready to comment that at least you don’t kick it off other cars, but then as I read on you confess that you sometimes cannot resist the urge. Hysterical! I just have this picture in my mind of you in the parking lot kicking the ice of cars as people pass. Funny the little obsessions we have. It was such fun to read your post and wonder what your addiction was going to be and then to find out more about it. I hope you get enough snow to build up on your car so you can have some winter fun.


  3. I can TOTALLY relate to this! Haha! Love it. Thanks for making our fetish public, and therefore completely acceptable and much less weird! πŸ™‚ j.

  4. Who doesn’t do this? I think we need a clump kicker club because yes, there is immense enjoyment and satisfaction when that gray blob falls to the ground. I imagine a silent cheer of my name.

  5. I think kicking the clumps must be therapeutic! It must be stress relief at its finest. You certainly made me laugh which is another great form of stress relief and for that I have to thank you!

  6. haha, such an entertaining post! I knew right away what you were going to say, as soon as you talked about the clump. There’s something oddly satisfying about watching a clump of snow sploosh and splat onto the ground, isn’t there? (You can tell you’re not the only clump-kicker!)

  7. Judy C. says:

    So cute! I can just visualize you running thru the parking lot and finding just the right clump to kick! Some are better than others. Hopefully your clump kicking is over for this year.

  8. Tam says:

    So funny. I call that a winter sport. Those icebergs are hard!! It does me good though when they’re off my vehicle. People should be glad you remove them unless something happens in the process. Great moments.

  9. This is hilarious! My children are clump-kickers! Three of them fight to be the first out of the car so they can be the kicker. Because of their addiction, I’ve had to set some boundaries…they may not clump-kick in the garage. I hate the nasty puddles and piles they leave behind. Great post!

  10. Laughing thinking about watching you in a parking lot going from car to car and kicking off the clumps on all the vehicles. It’s a great image!!!

  11. Elsie, now I know what I miss from living in Minnesota. Kicking clumps. Your story made me smile.
    Where will the clump kicker strike again? You are like a Super Hero in a comic strip. The Mystery of the Clump Kicker. Where will she strike again? No clump of snow is safe. Will she be caught? Will she learn to not kick other people’s clumps?

  12. LOL. I do this all the time πŸ™‚ I also like when I wash my car and use the hose on them. But kicking them off is definitely the best–like kicking winter in the clump!

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