Ice Sculpture #4

I am backing out of the garage when something to the right catches my eye in the burning bush. What in the world I wonder? I stop the car. I must investigate. Of course I have my phone in hand because I know this is something that needs to be preserved.

An ice sculpture has been created in the middle of my burning bush. Gently I move a few branches to capture the incredible forms nature created one drip at a time.

shrub 6shrub 3Stalactites hang from ice coated branches. It is as if a waterfall has become tangled in the branches, then frozen. Clink, clink is the sound as it shatters like fine crystal with the slightest movement. The sculpture is constantly changing as the temperatures rise. The sun grows stronger and the drip becomes more insistent. Soon it will melt away, nurturing the roots of the bush. By evening the sculpture is only a memory, preserved in pictures.