Too Long #3

You came quietly in the wee hours of the morning.


You brought your best dress,

the one that sparkled.

front tree

You set a beautiful table.


But your friends,

Cold and Wind came to spoil the party.

table 2

You are too heavy for Nandina.


You stayed too long.

It’s time to pack,

Sun is coming to take you away.

trees 2

Please come back

when you can’t stay so long.


30 thoughts on “Too Long #3

  1. Elsie,
    I love the last line, “Please come back when you can’t stay so long.” I was just thinking today how much I am looking forward to sunshine, patios, warm weather and green. I feel like we have been gray and white for too long now.

    Thanks for sharing your snow poem,

  2. Tam says:

    Wonderful personification, Elsie. I like the table being set, and Cold and Wind being the friends to avoid. Winter is making its last stand all around.

  3. The snow can be an indecisive friend, never sure about staying or going. We have sunshine calling the snow back today as well. I am welcoming the sun.

  4. I love your poem Elsie. Beautifully written, great pictures. I’ll be able to write my own I’m afraid. We have a storm headed my way with 10-15 inches of snow forecasted. Ugh. I am in desperate need of spring!

  5. Reading this picture poem was like unwrapping a present. I felt like a kid when I figured out what this was about. I feel the same way about the snow–I love it and then I am done with it. I am not a fan of melting snow. Your pictures are just right to capture the two sides of the snow.

  6. Paul says:

    Elsie, in light of this entire visu-poem (but particularly that last line), I’ve just made you an honorary citizen of Canada. πŸ™‚ “You brought your best dress…” Just awesome! I need to create some new activities that connect images and poetry.

  7. Judy C. says:

    Yes, I totally agree – even though we didn’t get much snow, I was so happy when the ice disappeared. It’s pretty, but… Great pics and poem. Thanks for sharing.

  8. i LOVE this. i want to share this with my students—- i think it is a good idea to have photos to guide our writing, in short little “snippets.”

    i often struggle with creative writing— so i think the use of photos would be a nice transition to that style of writing. thanks for the idea!

  9. Your conclusion made me laugh outloud. I love your new “phoem”( isn’t that what you call your photos and poems?) The way your surroundings fuel your work always delights me.

  10. Elsie, you are truly a wonder.! I loved the way you shaped this photo story; I saw familiar images from past posts, but in an entirely different way. Bravo!

  11. b says:

    I love this poem, Elsie!! My favorite like was also “You brought your best dress; the one that sparkled.” It reminded me of the theme song that used to play at the beginning of Grey’s Anatomy where the scrub ties would turn into fancy ribbons on a cocktail dress and sneakers would turn into stilettos. Your snow (at first) turned into something special too. We’re supposed to get some more on Tuesday — in my opinion, we’ve had enough winter!

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