Rut, Routine, or Tradition? #2

The first Friday of every month in is called Art Walk. Stores and art galleries stay open until 10 p.m. and a map of participating stores is provided so you can wander throughout the downtown area to view interesting art. This is a fun way to spend an evening without spending a lot of money. Of course it helps when the weather cooperates and you can stroll down the sidewalk rather than fight a brutally cold wind as you hustle along.

This past fall we began visiting the bakery, Amy Cakes,  because they were reported to have the best cinnamon rolls. (Read here to learn the saga of cinnamon rolls.) But we discovered another taste sensation that is now required every month. It is called an Elvis cake. Let me describe the taste sensations in this treat. The cake is banana with a peanut butter ganache inside and peanut butter icing on top. Can you say YUM?

Plus they also bake monster cookies, which my husband loves. (A monster cookie has peanut butter, oatmeal, chocolate chips, and M & Ms in it and the diameter is at least six inches.)

So our usual order is two Elvis cupcakes, two cinnamon rolls, and one monster cookie.

We have to take advantage of this one night because this bakery only does custom orders during regular hours. These treats are only available on this one evening a month. Of course you can order the treats, but you have to get an entire cake or pan of cinnamon rolls. We only need a little tasty treat, we may want more, but I can’t afford the calories.

So every First Friday we make a trip to Amy Cakes to get our treat of the month. In October we went in drooling with the thought of the Elvis cake. As my eyes scanned the display case, I became concerned because there were no Elvis cakes! The lady behind the counter explained that none were made because the day had been so rainy and cold they didn’t think many would come out for the Art Walk. My face fell in disappointment, but we made do with other choices that night. Ever since then, the staff looks for us. They don’t know our name, but they know our order.

Yesterday was the first Friday of the month. You can guess where we were last night. So here is where I ponder the question, are we in a rut? Or has this routine developed into a tradition? Whatever the case, it’s a taste we look forward to every month.

The choices spread before us, oh what will it be?

The choices spread before us, oh what will it be?

No monster cookie today, so we had to make do with another cupcake.
No monster cookie today, so we had to make do with another cupcake.


26 thoughts on “Rut, Routine, or Tradition? #2

  1. We have something like that in downtown Columbus, called the Gallery Hop! We went a few times in college but haven’t been back in years… maybe we’ll have to go again soon! Your cake sounds DELICIOUS — how cute that the staff looks for you now! 🙂 I think that sounds much more like a nice tradition than a rut, Elsie!

  2. I don’t know if this is a rut or a tradition, but whichever one it is, it sounds simply delicious!! Delicious and rut just don’t seem to be matching words, so let’s just say it’s a savory tradition! 🙂 Enjoy!

  3. Definitely a tasty tradition! I have to agree that I’d go for the monster cookie, but those rolls look awfully good too! For Christmas my children’s babysitter made us a pan full of homemade cinnamon rolls that were AMAZING! I’m not sure anything will measure up anymore. Enjoy!

  4. mrssurridge says:

    After reading this, I’m thinking cereal is not going to cut it for breakfast this morning! Now I’ve got Elvis on the brain! Yum!

  5. Definitely not a rut. This sounds like a meaningful and fun date that affords the luxury of anticipation :). I’m salivating, wanting more to binge on sweets than head downstairs to work out!

  6. What a great event the Art walk is and something to look forward to every month! You have developed a Sweet tradition with your sweetheart to buy delicious sweet treats. Very sweet is what I think!

  7. Tam says:

    I think with two posts about bakeries (maybe there are more???), this definitely is a tradition now with the both of you. Glad your tradition is now in your archives. Cinnamon is my to die for flavor.

  8. I’m not thinking this is a rut at all because I agree with Linda that a rut sounds negative. How long do you have to do something in order to consider it a tradition? In any case, I would like a bakery with special events like this one and the calories would be worth it!

  9. We have First Fridays too, but I haven’t been in a long while. What I still need to check out is a bakery somewhere nearby called Crumbs. I keep hearing it is terrific! I love the idea of Elvis cakes-how clever of them. But my love is cinnamon rolls-they look so yummy, Elsie. I think a rut has a negative feeling and this time with your husband certainly doesn’t sound negative at all! Sounds like a “sweet” tradition!

  10. I love the pictures of the yummy treats! I’ve been making monster cookies (not the six inch variety), since a friend delivered some to me in a handmade basket during the 80’s. And I still occasionally eat a peanut butter & banana sandwich, an Elvis favorite.

  11. Judy C. says:

    Rut, routine or tradition – with something as tasty as this, does it really matter? Guess we’ll have to check this place out the next time we up your way. You have my mouth watering.

  12. Sign me up for a monster cookie! Yum.

    Lancaster (city) has a similar sounding First Fridays event. We went once when we first moved here, but it was a scorcher of a night. Your posts is a good reminder, to me, to try it again.

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