Savoring Sunshine

I have mentioned in a post once that I am sure I was a cat in a previous life. I luxuriate in a patch of warm sunshine, especially when temperatures have been chilly. My inner cat came out this past Saturday when I stepped out onto the patio. The sun was shining brightly warming the protected edge of the patio from a cool breeze. I mentioned that it would be lovely to sit here and read, but alas the cushions to the chair were safely stored from the elements in the garage. “I can bring them out if you want them,” my husband volunteered. Oh yes, I would love that!

The temperature was forty-five degrees but it felt like seventy as I sat in a knit turtleneck shirt working on some material for next week. Soon I became so hot I turned the chair around so the sun was only on my back. I continued to read and jot notes, but suddenly I became distracted. The page is in the brightfeet sunlight but there are whispers of a shadow passing over the printed page. My eyes are following the flowing movement as it blows across the page. It is as if it is the shadow of the wind. I stop reading, I am mesmerized by the ghostly drifting. However, real shadows come blowing in and cover the sun. Although it is a quick moving cloud, I am reminded that it is February and the air does have a bite to it when the sun hides.

Sadly my time in the sun is over, but I have hopes that there will be more days soon.


15 thoughts on “Savoring Sunshine

  1. Judy C. says:

    What a wonderful slice – I could feel the sun on my face and being absorbed through the sweater. Just a hint of what is to come (soon I hope). Thanks for sharing your deck with us.

  2. The title and top picture alone were enough to create an image and a connection to how nice it is to see the sun during the winter months. One of my favorite things to do is sit outside and read/write. Here’s to more sunny days for you soon!

  3. So glad to hear “your inner cat” got to enjoy some sunshine. You captured your experience so precisely I felt the sun and then the bite of February coming with the clouds, too.

  4. I read this at school (no pics). 😦 But reading it here at home I lost some of my green eyed envy and reveled in the fun pics that you shared. Loved the shot of your feet & the yellow pad for writing!

  5. So nice to hear about, Elsie, & then the pictures are delightful. We’ve had unusually warm weather lately, too, & I notices that even the students sometimes lean against the warmth of the building & bask in the sun a bit. It must be their ‘inner cat’ too.

  6. What a treat to be outside in sun in the midst of winter! We don’t get many sunny days in the winter in Ohio, but we’ve been enjoying a glittering carpet of snow lately!

  7. There was no lovely warm sunshine in New Jersey today, so yur slice was a welcome experience – I could just feel those rays of warmth on my back…perfect!

  8. I’m even so happy inside if we have the snow…because it casts such a cheerful light on everything. We had a downy woodpecker this morning at the feeder…I tried to get a quick pic…but when he sees my shadow at the window he flies. I’m a bit envious of your sun, I admit it, but we’re trying to get enough snow so I can snowshoe in the park! XO

  9. Tam says:

    Your post is nice and easy, just like the sun returning to its good place. Yes, 45 degrees with sun is a very good place. Thanks for the warmth, Elsie!

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