Bluebirds Arrive

Anticipation grows with each berry produced.

fall holly

Bits of the sky swoop in

To indulge and fortify themselves.


Throughout the winter months

They come,

They eat,

They scatter when a shadow appears in the window.


Crimson berries disappear quickly.


Will they find these hidden nuggets of nutrition

When winter brings its frosty blanket?


Postscript: I don’t know what it is about bluebirds that makes me think they are so fragile. Perhaps it is their soft blue color that makes them look vulnerable. I watch cardinals and blue jays during the winter, but I don’t worry about them. I think they can  handle the cold. Then I see bluebirds and I wonder how they are managing.

Several years ago I discovered that bluebirds love the berries of holly bushes. Every fall I eagerly look to see if the bushes have produced berries. This year the bushes were loaded. Gleefully I waited for the bluebirds to come. They did not disappoint me. As I sit at my desk, I  see the bush quiver. Slowly I stand up to peer through the blinds to scan the bush. Immediately they fly into one of the trees in the yard. It is an amazing sight to see half a dozen bluebirds waiting for me to disappear so they can return to their food bar.


20 thoughts on “Bluebirds Arrive

  1. I love the way you capture the simplicities of nature and weave the photos with your words. Your postscript gave me a glimpse into you and made me see wonder a little. Love it! 🙂

  2. I also love the photographs. My favorite thing to do is watch birds fly to our bird feeder on the back porch. The birds fly away when they see me too. All the best Elsie, Love Pooh

  3. Once again, a delightful melding of poetry and photos. What a delight to peek into your world. My favorite line – “Bits of the sky sweep in to indulge and fortify themselves.” My husband has started feeding the birds this year. Often the first question he asks from a business trip will be if I’ve seen any birds. Unfortunately, it’s usually dark when I get home from school.

  4. I always look forward to your pictures and poems (surely there must be a term for that–photetry?) Anyway, as always they fit together like hand to glove. I love it

  5. I was so excited when you said you had another picture and poem combo, and you certainly didn’t disappoint! I love watching birds, too, and this is a beautiful way to capture what you saw.

  6. margaretsmn says:

    We don’t get many bluebirds in the deep south. I love to watch them too. I laughed at the photo of you at the window, your shadow scaring away the birds. My favorite line is “bits of sky swoop in.”

  7. Judy C. says:

    What a wonderful photo-poem. I just love the bluebirds. We don’t have any holly, but I think they like the berries on the dogwoods too. They are amazing little creatures and their color is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  8. The photo poem is a wonderful idea. I found myself wondering what image you would use next. I often wonder how the little critters survive these harsh winters as I find myself scurrying to my own shelter.

  9. I wonder if we can grow holly in Chi town. I would give anything to see a bluebird at our feeders. We mostly get sparrows and sometimes a downy woodpecker. I identified with the scattering when they see me by the window. It’s so funny because don’t they know where all that feed comes from? Happy winter…XO

  10. The images of your “snack bar” are just lovely. We’ve stopped feeding the birds based on some tale of dependency my husband read about and I really miss their presence…..perhaps I will get some food this weekend and see if they return as they really brighten the dark days of winter.

  11. Joyce says:

    I will certainly be watching my holly berries for the graceful bluebirds. Thank you for the information on one of their favorite winter treats.

  12. Terje Äkke says:

    You have written about birds before. I look forward and enjoy reading the posts because you know how to bring out the character of birds. I can feel how you care. We don’t have all the same birds in Estonia.

  13. Everyone has a particular animal they associate with and worry about, don’t they. For you it’s the bluebird. For me it’s penguins and polar bears. (I don’t see them. I just worry from afar.)

    Thanks for the wonderful photographs. I always enjoy the way you pair images with your words.

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