Rainbow of Berries

Nature explodes with color

Red catches the eye,

Shiny or dusty.

Orange glows,

Sunshine caught.

Yellow droplets cascade down the leaves.

Green hides beneath the leafy blanket.

Blue bursts out begging for attention.

Indigo doesn’t come to the party alone

Violet clusters hang overhead.

This rainbow won’t evaporate,

It will nourish the wildlife through the winter.

Read more slice of life stories at Two Writing Teacher’s blog.


15 thoughts on “Rainbow of Berries

  1. This rainbow won’t evaporate… what a beautiful thought. Great pictures! Really makes me want to explore soemthing to write about and picture this way… lately I’ve been taken with Little Laughery Creek, tyring to find a way to write about it after being enchanted by that name… maybe I’ll take a camera there and see what happens.

  2. Terje says:

    Your slice cheered me up in the midst of darkness and rain. It all looks gray around here. Except for one weekend when it snowed.

  3. Elsie, thanks for another fabulous poem with photos. I read it first on email without the pictures, then clicked to your blog so I could see the pictures. I love the words, “this rainbow won’t evaporate.” Thanks for noticing so much and sharing with us!

  4. Judy C. says:

    Thank you for sharing your beauty of berries! I think that this has been one of the pretties autumns that we have ever experienced in the Ozarks inspite of the heat and drought. Nature prevails. Your words and pictures just flow perfectly..

  5. Oh Elsie, this is so gorgeous – each line and photograph. And that last line is so rich and uplifting. You have a gift for these photo poems!

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