Take a Step Back

Are these photos taken high in the mountains, perhaps the Alps? Could one be a volcano waiting for the right moment to blow? Or is it a glacier sliding down a mountain side?

Actually it is none of the above, but of course you knew that. If I pull the camera out a bit more will you be able to solve the mystery?

Could that be an entrance to a mine below the mountain? Is it the bed of a dump truck? Perhaps it is a railroad car. Sadly, it is none of those. Well let’s pull the camera lens back just a bit further and see if that helps.

New information comes to light as the camera pulls back. There are small trees, shrubs, and weeds. The yellow metal seems to be from an old flatbed train car. This is my view to the right. Let’s see what is straight ahead of me.

Ahh! Now you know I am on the riding trail. I do ride by mountains, but they are made of limestone gravel. There is a rock quarry alongside the trail. During the ninety degree days, as sweat rolled down my face, I would imagine myself high in the mountains embracing the cool breezes. I longingly gazed at the mountain of gravel hoping for a breath of cool air, but that cool air never came.

I want to remember, sometimes you need to step back to get the big picture.

7 thoughts on “Take a Step Back

  1. Wow – what a great slice. Beautiful last line. Love how the pictures really aided your story. I truly thought it was a glacier in the beginning. You packed a punch of a lesson in this piece. Just beautiful!

  2. Oh…I really wanted it to be a mountain in the first picture. I often look at our horizon line when I’m riding in the car down the toll way and it also has the appearance of a mountain in the distance which is really low lying clouds. I pretend like you to be heading in to the mountains right before you get to Denver. They are calling my name. We both love to imagine, don’t we…another thing in common. xo nanc

  3. Terje says:

    In school we are currently trying to learn how to “zoom in ” when writing. I like that you did the opposite, reminding to think of the big picture. I have to admit that my thinking was slow and I am thankful for the explanations.

  4. Judy C. says:

    Thanks for letting us ride along with you and seeing your view. Sometimes our “tunnel” vision gets in our way of seeing the whole picture. We all need that reminder to step back and take it all in.

  5. Obviously there won’t be a cool breeze because there’s nothing growing there either. What a mountain Elsie! That quarry has been growing for a long while I suppose. And what a lesson you just gave us. Very fun. I couldn’t figure where you were going, and it was just the bike path! Thanks!

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