What’s Wrong?

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Push the left pedal down, the right swings up, repeat, down then up. The motion doesn’t change but something is not right.

The weather had prevented me from riding for a few days, but my stamina should not have deteriorated that quickly. This ride is turning into a chore, not a pleasure as I slip the gear to an easier level. I can’t believe how hard it is. I think this must be “an off” day for me. Finally I make it back to the car. I tell my husband I don’t know what’s wrong with me today. “I noticed you were moving slower today. Everyone has an off day, maybe today was yours,” my husband says to me.

The next time I ride I am not on the trail but on the roads around our house. I feel that familiar resistance to my pedaling. What is wrong with me? Why is this so hard? I continue to shift my gears hoping to make it easier to pedal, but it is still pushing back at me. I begin to wonder if something has broken or gotten out of adjustment? Should I bring this bike back to the shop and have them look at it?

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me,” I complained to my husband when I returned home. “It is so hard to pedal.” He takes off on the bike to check it out.

“I think I found the problem,” he announced a short time later. “Your tire pressure was about half of the recommended amount. I filled your tires, so try it now.”

Oh yes! This is much better! It isn’t me! What a relief to know why it was so hard to pedal. Now I know, the tire pressure will be the first thing to check when the pedaling isn’t quite right.

12 thoughts on “What’s Wrong?

  1. I was wondering and wondering what it could be (I knew it just couldn’t be you). You made me want an answer and made me wait until the end. Glad the problem was solved.

  2. First of all, I’m glad you are okay! It’s not easy not feeling like yourself and then wondering what could be the problem. Isn’t it amazing what a difference the air pressure can make? Hey, I didn’t know that either! I will say that my hubby is good at checking the bikes over and filling tires before we head out, so I’ve never had that problem. But if I ever have trouble . . . now I’ll know what to check!

  3. I love the shadow picture! Great to know you just weren’t airful! Now I understand why we should have the right air pressure in our car’s tires! That must really be a drain on the gas if it’s that much harder to pedal a bike.

  4. I recently had the same problem in my car! Good thing I wasn’t trying to pedal that (although I do sort of think driving Flintstone’s style would be kinda cool). I bet your hubby was happy to be needed–especially for an easy fix!

  5. Judy C. says:

    I was feeling your pain through every up and down movement. So glad that it was “only the air pressure” and not something else!

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