Mentor Power

I have a confession . . . I am addicted to . . . Draw Something. At every opportunity  I am checking to see if someone has sent me a drawing. My face lights up when I see the little message, (insert name) has sent you a drawing. Or, my shoulders droop when there are no pictures waiting for me. Sigh, when will a picture come in?

Draw Something is an app game for phones and the iPad. You select a word, draw it and your friend has to guess the word that you’ve drawn. Once you’ve guessed the word, you are awarded coins. Coins may be saved to buy more colors to use in your drawings or bombs so you can get different words to draw.

If you are on Facebook, you can find friends to play, but I am not on Facebook. So, I had to rely on a random selection from the game makers. I got lucky the day I was matched up to Raegan R. She became my mentor for creating better drawings.

You get to watch the line movements made as the picture develops. I watched very closely as Raegan drew people. Her drawings were so good! The technique she used for eyes, mouths, hair were movements I knew I could try. The perspective was another aha moment for me. Sometimes she drew only a portion of the body. I have played well over 1,000 drawings with her and yet I continue to study her movements. You would think I’d have it down, but I don’t. So I continue to watch and mimic when I draw.

This made me stop and think about modeling for students. Showing them once, twice, or even twenty times may not be enough for them. We need to watch our students closely and give them great mentors to follow. I’m glad I got Raegan, she’s teaching me and she doesn’t even know it.

Here are a few of her amazing pictures:


17 thoughts on “Mentor Power

  1. Wow, all I can say is-what fun! This is great-
    I love your connection to modeling-it’s so easy to say, “well I showed you-ONCE”…yeah, once isn’t enough in most cases…thanks for reminding me about what I need to do more of-modeling and being patient for those who don’t get it, on the first try or the second or the third even…yeah, modeling is so key!

  2. Wow – those drawings look nothing like mine on Draw Something! Those are something amazing! I love that game!!! I play with my mom, my 16 year old niece, and my niece in 3rd grade. It’s addicting!

  3. I have never heard of this before… and good thing! I am addicted to Dabble and I don’t even interact with anyone while playing that game!

    It is funny how our minds think about the learning process no matter we’re doing.

  4. I have played this game as well, very fun. My husband and I used to sit on the couch and go back and forth. I haven’t played in quite a while. What great observations you made of your playing partner!

  5. Totally cool…and I would be addicted in a second. I just got a smart phone….hand me down. I wonder if I got it on this phone. It is baffling me already and I wish I had a manual, the on-line help isn’t specific enough for me. It will be fun discovering. Next week can we see some of your pictures? I love the wedgi 🙂

  6. Judy C. says:

    Unbelievable drawings – my artistic talents do not include drawing, so this is one app that I can live without. I like how you associated it to teaching and is a reminder that we all continue to learn on a daily basis – sometime it takes longer to learn.

  7. My 12 year old daughter urged me to get the app and I enjoy drawing with her. My drawings are no where as elaborate as you mentors. I think I need a mentor to help me! What a great connection you made to writing. I may use my app in a mini lesson.

  8. Those are some incredible drawings! Wow!
    I was addicted to Draw Something for about two months. However, my passion for Words with Friends won out and I deleted my Draw Something app from my phone. (And I had a lot of colors in my color bank too!)

  9. Lynn says:

    Wow those pics are amazing!!! I’ve played and my pictures look nothing like that…my confession, I’m addicted to words with friends! 🙂

  10. Terje says:

    Seems like a fun challenge. I like the way you moved from the fun to thinking a bit further and linking it with teaching.

  11. This looks like a very cool app, which I will have to resist or else I’d never get anything else done! I love the way you linked it to teaching…and you are exactly right, Elsie.

  12. Tam says:

    Thanks for the heads-up on this app. I’ve played around with drawing but it never went anywhere. Once a teacher, always a teacher–applications/connections!

  13. Wow, Elsie, I’ll have to check this out on my IPad. I’ve not heard of it, but it does sound fun. Wish we could use it on the regular machines-my tech tools class students would love it. I’m looking forward to seeing one of your drawings too. And-I like that connection you made at the end. So right to understand that students don’t always ‘get it’ with just a few explanations. Thanks.

  14. Thank you for writing about this application. It really does look fun. I will be patient with my students and remember that they may need to shown more than once. Thank you for that insight.

  15. Hmm…I’ve played this game for a while now and have never made this connection! I am doing drawing lessons with my students and always feel slightly (or very) inadequate when it comes to showing them how to craft their drawings. I love teaching drawing but wish I had more to offer them…I guess I should pay more attention to those Draw Something drawings! Maybe I’ll learn something!

  16. My kids showed me this app. I’ve resisted the urge to add yet another tool to my already overfull basket of tech toys. Your words today made powerful connections about the power of modeling and providing mentors for my students.

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