Think about how you can say the title:

Get Away! Firmly and distinctly two words, uttered in annoyance.


Getaway – All syllables run together, spoken an a calm voice with a twinge of hope. You can get away from the daily chores and do something out of the ordinary. I have done that.

My husband and I have escaped life of home and we are enjoying some freedom. My schedule of work is not as busy as last year, so we took a few days to explore new biking trails.

The air has been clear and cool. The trees were beginning to put on their fall colors. As I pedaled, I watched the scenery looking for a  glimpse of wildlife. There have been many squirrels who dart and dash under the wheels of the bike. At one lake there was a heron, picking its way through the muddy bank. It was still in the same area three hours later on our return trip. Wouldn’t you know there was a snake sunning right at the beginning of the ride.

Not only has the biking been enjoyable, but I have been able to visit with relatives that I rarely get to see. A delightful evening was spent at my cousin’s home. We talked for many hours, catching up on cousins and what they are doing. The family has been spread out in all parts of the world.

It’s nice to step away from daily life and experience new adventures. I hope we get to do this more.

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16 thoughts on “Getaway

  1. I love the idea of these little, everyday getaways! You make me feel like I should try it out, instead of collapsing on the couch exhausted every evening… (or working the whole time!) A walk or bike ride is calling my name, maybe this weekend?

  2. There is great wonder when we embrace the “child” within us and step awawy from our work, chore, responsibility filled roles. Spending time with someone you love AND having some fun is one of the greatest ways to :get away” even if you never leave home!

  3. I was struck with you pointing out get away and getaway. What a difference a little white space can make in our understanding of a word’s meaning. Wishing you many getaways.

  4. Judy C. says:

    Love your definitions of “getaway/ get away”. I prefer getaway and enjoyed reading about yours. Hopefully you’ll get more getaways this year.

  5. Jaana says:

    I enjoy reading your “reports” because you write in a way that I can “see” the scenery that you talk about. Thanks for the view!

  6. Elsie, this reminds me of your walks, good to do & good to hear about. It is lots of fun catching up with family, too. When I traveled to MO last summer with my daughter & granddaughters we had a great time seeing cousins, aunts, uncles, brothers, etc. It’s very nice to hear about your adventures too.

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