Tasty Treat

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Do you like coconut? Do you love the creamy tang of cream cheese frosting? Are pecans a nugget of crunchy goodness to your taste buds? Those are the flavors I crave every year on my birthday. All the flavors are nicely wrapped up in the package of an Italian cream cake.

Sunday I made this cake. Monday was my birthday. I savor every morsel of this cake as I won’t be tasting it again for another year. After the birthday piece has been eaten, I begin to slice and share pieces with family and neighbors. It is always sad to see the last piece go.

One year my friend insisted on making the cake for me. She has a good heart and great intentions, but not all the required ingredients. This cake must be made in three nine inch cake pans. She did not have three, so she thought she’d use a 9 x13 and a small square pan. The cake didn’t really cook all the way through. Then when she went to frost it, she didn’t have any cream cheese, but thought she could substitute sour cream. Shall I mention that is not a good substitution? Like I said, she has a good heart and great intentions. The cake, not so good.

So that is why you can find me baking the day before my birthday. 

17 thoughts on “Tasty Treat

  1. I love how you started this entry – listing the ingredients – what a powerfully sensory experience! (I’m starving right now!!) And only once a year!! But what a great way to make it soo soo special.

  2. Wow, happy birthday. Sour cream, yikes! Good intentions indeed and clearly a good friend. Sometimes you just have to bake your own cake and that’s okay!

  3. Happy Birthday, hope you enjoyed it. I enjoyed your writing. It made me think of a friend whose specialty for every potluck at church was Italian cream cake. She was a second grade teacher for years and years, and raised two daughters on her own after losing her husband. Things were never easy for her, but she was always at church every Sunday, teaching second graders in Sunday School and singing and smiling in the choir. Only a few years after she retired, she began to be uncharacteristically forgetful, sometimes appearing quite unkempt…Alzheimer’s took its toll. But I will always remember her smile, her determination to raise her daughters well, her love of children- and the cake no one could duplicate. I miss the cake at church dinners, and I miss her.
    By the way, I read your post earlier in the day. Just to let you know what a good description you wrote- I ate out this evening, and though there was no Italian cream cake on the menu, I had carrot cake with pecans, coconut, and cream cheese frosting for dessert… (I am not making this up! I really did!)

  4. Judy C. says:

    My mouth is watering – it sounds delicious. It’s sad when we have to bake our own birthday cake, but at least that way we know it’s what we want! Hope you had a delightful day!

    • I guess the reason I don’t make it more is it is a little labor intensive (separating eggs, beating whites, folding whites, crushing nuts, etc.) but also more importantly, too many calories!

  5. I have the three pans, Elsie! I only use them for German chocolate cake for my son-in-law-his favorite. Happy Birthday-I assume it was wonderful, partly because of the cake. Will you share the recipe? Fun story about your neighbor. I agree, sour cream does not replace cream cheese. The icing must have been interesting!

  6. Yum and happy and yum and birthday and(did I mention) yum! I love the traditions we make for ourselves. I love how these traditions help slow us down and savor moments. I can see you happily gathering the RIGHT Ingredients the day before your birthday and anticipating the celebration to come.

  7. Happy belated birthday. Lucky family and neighbors! I like the questions you used as leads in the first paragraph. I knew this was going to be a delicious slice!

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