A New Friend, Maybe

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I have a new friend. I hope I will grow to love her. Right now I like her, but I don’t LOVE her. Every time I see her she causes me pain, but over time I will develop callouses so the pain won’t be quite so severe. Her name is Trek 7500. My Cannondale Warrior is not happy to see a new bike in the garage. She needs to understand, I’m not abandoning her. She will still be used, just not as often. It all started when we took a bike tour in Barcelona. The bike let me sit up straight as I held onto the handlebars. The seat cradled my posterior. “This makes biking more fun,” I said to my husband. Once we returned home that statement resurfaced, “Would you like to get a different bike for you birthday? my husband suggested with a wistful tone in his voice. We went looking at our local bike store. We were shown several bikes. I took them outside to ride up and down the parking lot to see how it felt. I liked the handlebars, the shifting mechanism, and the general look of Trek 7500. “Take it and try it out,” the young salesman encouraged me. “We have a two week return policy.” Trek  came home with us and now she lives with us. Cannondale will not give up her place on the bike rack, but that doesn’t bother Trek. She has a kickstand and can stand on her own. Of course she has not yet had to stand in the garage. She has been residing on the bike carrier since she has been going out for a ride everyday. Hopefully the perching pain will subside with time or I will be saddle shopping soon. I want to get back to enjoying the pleasure of biking. But where will I find fairly flat, paved bike trails that go at least ten miles? Hmmm . . . do you know of such a trail? If so, leave me a comment with the name of your trail and I just might be headed your way in the future. Minnesota is on the list for the end of September.


19 thoughts on “A New Friend, Maybe

  1. jee young says:

    You had me wondering who or what you were talking about in the beginning! I like how you wrote this about your new bike. I don’t have a bike here in Singapore, but maybe it’s time I try to get one! 🙂 I hope you are able to find some good trails to take your bike on.

    Jee Young

  2. You totally tricked me. I thought you were talking about a friend. But then when I realized it was about a bike you were having a love-hate relationship with, I had to chuckle. Why am I so literal sometimes?
    I’m not a bike rider, but at times I wish I were since there are so many nooks and crannies of this wonderful planet that I know I could see differently if I were atop a bike.

  3. Yes I would love to hear each of your bikes speak to their special qualities. I love bike riding! If you get west – Oregon, Washington, British Columbia – lots of good stuff!

  4. haha, I love your creative personifications: it was a delight to find out that your “friend” is a bike! We have tons of wonderful bike trails around Ohio: my town (a Columbus suburb) is covered in bike paths, including a family favorite that goes through a MetroPark with wetlands. Lots of our state parks and other public areas have nice bike trails and “Rails to Trails”: old railroads converted to bike trails.

  5. I am loving all the Illinois suggestions! My old Schwinn would love to meet your Trek! I recently rescued her from our basement.

    Your perspective is always fun! I think Terje is probably right about the gossip. Maybe Cannondale will even slice one day!

  6. Lynn says:

    Also in Illinois is Independence Park in Libertyville… it’s beautiful I rode 13 miles in a triathlon I did. Busse woods is also very nice funs from Elk Grove through Schaumburg. Best of luck!

  7. Terje says:

    I hope that your friend will stay and the two bikes will find mutual understanding. (They will probably gossip about you if left together)
    Estonia is mostly flat.

  8. phillip says:

    It was 51 degrees this morning in Baldwin, Wi. The air is crisp and clear with a strong hint of fall. You probably wouldn’t even break a sweat.

  9. I’ve been wanting a new bike; perhaps I’ll look for your Trek! There are lots of flat here in Denver, trails throughout the city, not in the mountains of course. But in Missouri, there’s the Katy Trail, made from the old Katy Railroad tracks. I’ve walked it, but there are cyclists there too. Hope the pain subsides!

  10. Wisconsin…old railroad path…gorgeous trail through cooling, dark tunnels. Ah, found it: http://www.elroy-sparta-trail.com/ I rode this one years ago and it was wonderful. Hope it’s close enough for you. We also have a few good walking/biking paths in Maine. One close by in Topsham/Brunswick is only 2 1/2 mi. long, Androscoggin River Bicycle Path, but is a beautiful route right on the river. Check out http://www.healthymainewalks.org for a few ideas. Let me know if you are ever there…there’s a lobster in it for you!

  11. Judy C. says:

    Well, Elsie, you know that AR is definitely not the place to bike! I’m like Laura, I prefer to walk especially when these hills seem to keep getting steeper every time I walk them. Hopefully you will find some flat bike paths, just not in the Ozarks.

  12. My 13 year old daughter has commandeered my bike since she has gotten too tall for her old 10-speed. But, I don’t mind at all, I’d much rather walk.
    Have fun on your bike rides. Wave if you pass me (in Massachusetts)

  13. We do have a great trail in Illinois…The Fox River trail… you will definitely need a better saddle. It is gently rolling in places and a couple of towns down from Dundee there is one pretty good size up…but the reward for up is always down. I wish you would come for a visit L.C. xo nanc

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