A New Friend, Maybe

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I have a new friend. I hope I will grow to love her. Right now I like her, but I don’t LOVE her. Every time I see her she causes me pain, but over time I will develop callouses so the pain won’t be quite so severe. Her name is Trek 7500.┬áMy Cannondale Warrior is not happy to see a new bike in the garage. She needs to understand, I’m not abandoning her. She will still be used, just not as often. It all started when we took a bike tour in Barcelona. The bike let me sit up straight as I held onto the handlebars. The seat cradled my posterior. “This makes biking more fun,” I said to my husband. Once we returned home that statement resurfaced, “Would you like to get a different bike for you birthday? my husband suggested with a wistful tone in his voice. We went looking at our local bike store. We were shown several bikes. I took them outside to ride up and down the parking lot to see how it felt. I liked the handlebars, the shifting mechanism, and the general look of Trek 7500. “Take it and try it out,” the young salesman encouraged me. “We have a two week return policy.” Trek ┬ácame home with us and now she lives with us. Cannondale will not give up her place on the bike rack, but that doesn’t bother Trek. She has a kickstand and can stand on her own. Of course she has not yet had to stand in the garage. She has been residing on the bike carrier since she has been going out for a ride everyday. Hopefully the perching pain will subside with time or I will be saddle shopping soon. I want to get back to enjoying the pleasure of biking. But where will I find fairly flat, paved bike trails that go at least ten miles? Hmmm . . . do you know of such a trail? If so, leave me a comment with the name of your trail and I just might be headed your way in the future. Minnesota is on the list for the end of September.