What is this you might ask? It’s nasty looking. This is what is inside the hole that I discovered on my walking route. As I approached, a few of these bubbles seemed to gurgle and pop.  I found a stick and put it down the hole to see how deep it was. The hole was about 2.5 feet deep. So far, I have not spotted any wildlife creeping out of the depths. I still don’t know what it is, but I have spotted another opening like on another farm road. It has been filled in with dirt. So far, this is still one mystery unsolved.

The cardinals had hatched and left the bush by the time we got back from California. I was hoping to see baby cardinals, but I guess they do a lot of growing in three weeks. It was an empty nest that greeted us. So the bushes were cut down alongside the house. I hope mama cardinal doesn’t plan on using that nest again.

The peaches continue to grow. I’ve plucked some from the tree to lighten the load on fragile branches. I don’t know if I’ve taken enough off. I don’t want to  remove too many, but yet I don’t want to have branches break. Then I went on vacation and the peaches ripened before I got home. The neighbors report that they were delicious. One neighbor did freeze a couple bags of peaches and a jar of freezer jam. So I will get to taste my fruit this winter. I guess I will have to hang around next year.

The pansies have been pulled out until fall. They dug in their roots and cried loudly, but my husband ignored their pleas for mercy. Vincas have taken up the position of watching the happenings in the neighborhood. They were complaining loudly when the sprinkler system was not working properly. The issue has been resolved and they stand proud under the shade of the maple tree.

That’s the update on a few of the “hot topics” in my world.

16 thoughts on “Updates

  1. I adore those pansies. Maybe they can report from where they ended up. I don’t want to wait until the Fall to hear more from them.
    It was very kind of you to give us an update.

  2. Oh a hole in the ground that gurgles and pops. I love your walking stories, and your yard updates. The pictures were a nice compliment to your words. Thank you for sticking a stick in the hole. I did want to know how deep it was.

  3. Judy C. says:

    Oh, Elsie, I love going on walks with you and this reflection brought back some great memories of past posts. I wouldn’t be walking too close to that hole – who knows what’s growing inside!

  4. Elsie, I love the idea of updating us on the things you’ve written about! As soon as you started talking about the hole, I said “Oh yeah, the hole!” It was fun to remember back to reading your other posts… feels like I’ve known you for a long time now!

  5. Tam says:

    Love your pictures as usual. Sounds like you really take care of your gardens. We had such a hot summer, I just reflect on what happened to our plants and grass. I needed a break this summer and took it. Hopefully, I’m on the writing wagon again. Your walks are always interesting!

  6. I’m sad for the pansies, because I love their sweet face. I’m betting my husband will be digging soon too. Our plants have just started to look happier because we’ve had some rain! I’m sorry that you didn’t get to taste the peaches…but yum in the winter! My favorite pie to make is peach…sweet to share with your neighbors. xo nanc

  7. Terje says:

    Thank you for the update. Maybe one day you will solve the hole mystery. Maybe one day I get to pluck a peach and find out how it really tastes.

  8. Alas, the pictures are not showing up for me, but the descriptions in your writing give me all the glimpse I need! Hope the peaches are as wonderful as your neighbor says!

  9. My favorite line – “They dug in their roots and cried loudly, but my husband ignored their pleas for mercy.” This is a keeper for my personification file. Actually, the whole paragraph works! I enjoyed this glimpse into your natural world.

    • I agree with Ramona – I love the line about the pansies. So glad you shared a glimpse into that hole – I’ve been wondering about that for the past few months. Curious place…
      I am sorry that you missed the cardinals and the peaches. It seems that fall is coming so early this year that everything is arriving (or leaving) before its usual time.

  10. I love your summer flowers. I living with them vicariously because on my bit of porch, that faces directly into the sun, I have a just one flower box with some very strong yellows hanging in.
    I’m glad you are keeping my faith strong Elsie.

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