Aerial Tag

They are back. I run to get my camera because it has a great zoom feature. I try one shot but it seems blurry. It is the darkening film on the windows that makes it hard to focus. I need to go outside. S-l-o-w-l-y, I turn the handle. I move carefully, as I sink into the chair on the patio.

Zip! Zoom! Darting left! Swerve right! They move with such speed and grace as the trees absorb the finches that have come to play tag in my backyard. They disappear from my sight, but there is a constant chattering surrounding me as I watch the birds engage in a game of aerial tag.

Time for a quick sip!

A quick timeout at the birdbath to catch their breath and grab a sip of water. Then they are back in the air swooping and swerving as they chase each other back and forth. My head turns left, then right as I try to keep my eye on them. They are too quick for me to catch them in the air, but I do manage to zoom in on a few as they sit on the sidelines. Did they get tagged? Are they out? Did they need a rest? Soon they all zip off to another yard, but I know they will be back and I will love watching the games they play.

Here’s a good spot to rest.

The best views are from the top!

22 thoughts on “Aerial Tag

  1. aruddteacher100 says:

    They are so cute! I love how you spied on their little game! And, I do wonder how they deviously plan their swooping and bombing…

  2. Very descriptive title that played out throughout the slice. You made me smile as I visualized the lovely finches (?) fluttering about.

  3. Michelle @litlearningzone says:

    Phew! I think I read that as fast as they were zipping and zooming about the yard! Beautifully written and the first picture you captured is amazing!

  4. I love your bird stories. I love the detail and most of all the noticing. If you bind them all in a book I would line up for an autographed copy! (Truly I would!!!:)

  5. Great pictures! The s-l-o-w-l-y opening handle part was my favorite — I’ve gotten pretty good at shooting through the sliding glass door at an angle so I don’t get a reflection. I also love the way you captured the birds’ movements with “zip”, “zoom”, etc!

  6. Though I love your photos, your writing is so easy to read and descriptive that I can see those birds gaming around your yard right in my mind. Thanks for the images in both pictures and words.

  7. readsomuch says:

    Aha! You caught the elusive finches on film! I tried to snap a few pics of a goldfinch last week, but they became a blur. I love their snappy yellow color – a sighting always brightens my day!

  8. Wow! Great pictures! Your writing always reminds me to make careful word choices. I love the voice that shines through your writing.

  9. Judy C. says:

    Love your description of the finches playing tag. Our hummingbirds seem to do the same thing. Aren’t they wonderful creatures to watch? Great pics!

  10. I just love that last photograph…so majestic, and eagle-like. One of the great joys of Spring is to catch sight of birds, I think, and all the games they play together. You are quick with the camera, Elsie!

  11. What a glorious colour they are and with all their darting and zooming you did a great job snapping them. I wonder how they agree on the timeout?

  12. Beautiful, Elsie, and what a pleasure. Our finches are not visiting yet, but soon! Your middle photo is just gorgeous, & I love that you wrote about them playing tag, swooping and swerving and darting, of course it’s tag.

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