We Thought We Were Getting a Lexus, But . . .

Did you know my husband is a car freak? He LOVES cars! He reads about cars nonstop. We subscribe to many car magazines. He reads blog after blog after blog about cars. He is the go-to guy if you are considering buying a car. He will tell you all the pros and cons of any make or model of car. He spends Sundays visiting car lots looking at cars, reading the window stickers to see what features are included. He can only prowl around car lots on Sunday because in our state, dealers are closed and he doesn’t have to talk to salesmen. He can browse to his heart’s content. If it’s a lucky day, the dealer forgot to lock the car so he can look inside too. This is bliss, to him, not me. He loves to visit Kansas City or St. Louis because they have dealers that we don’t have. Yes, I said he’s a car freak.

So he was reading his car blogs and they said that there is a factory in Germany that had a fire. This is very interesting because this is the only factory in the world (according to the blogs) that produces a part for all car manufacturers. It will take about a year to rebuild this factory. Once the current supply of this part is used up the manufacturers of cars will have a dilemma, and it will impact the number of cars that can be produced. This may occur in three to six months. Hmmm . . . so if I were thinking about getting a new car in a few months (at the end of the summer) I may not have a lot of choices. Maybe we should check around and see what’s out there that we might like. Before starting out there are a few features that we would like to have on the car:

  1.  keyless entry
  2.  leather with heated seats
  3. a backup camera (I don’t always do well backing)

Zoom–my husband was out the door with a smile on his face. About an hour later he brings home the little Lexus. A few weeks earlier, I had mentioned I thought it was kind of cute. It was very nice, cozy inside, definitely a possibility. Next he brings home a Scion tC. It’s okay, but seems to feel cheap inside. It is crossed off the list. The tC goes back to the car lot. The Prius is tested, but it did not meet the needs. A variety of Camrys are tested, only one makes it to the house for my consideration. I like it, it is nice, I could be happy with this. Decision time is looming. My husband wants me to go back to the car lot and compare the Camry and the Lexus side by side. Reluctantly I put on my shoes and get a jacket. (I hate car shopping!)

The two cars sit back to back. We walk to one, it has nice space in the trunk. We walk to the other, it has more back seat room. Back and forth we go, this is good here, this is good there. Which one do we want? No decision can be made yet, but we have to walk inside to shake hands with the manager or our salesman will get in trouble. Good, I think, because I want to see the little Scion car up close. I saw one at Kohl’s a few days ago and thought it was cute.

I sat down inside it. Surprisingly it felt roomy. “I like this. This is cute and I think its fun!” I announced. Shock registered on my husband’s face.

“You do? You would consider this?” he asks me with an incredulous tone.

“Can we drive one?” is my reply.

Sure enough, there is one outside we can drive. The three of us get into the car and off we go! I drive home so I can get dinner started. It has a lot of  spunk for a teeny car. My husband is calculating, we could buy this, get tires for your car, and still be money ahead. It’s something to think about. (I get to change back to my car. :-])

As far as I am concerned, the matter is settled. We will get it.  However, my husband spends the evening reading and rereading reviews of this car. In the morning he sounds like he’s talked himself out of the car. We talk pros and cons. This is not a car for distance traveling. We have a car for that. This is a fun car to run around town. It will save adding mileage to our other cars. I can keep my convertible. It only takes up half a space in the garage. Case closed. We are getting it.

Remember the list from above? This car does not have one single item from the list. Sometimes fun takes precedence over practical creature comforts. We laugh when we see people’s expressions as we drive by. What would you do if this pulled in next to you at the store?

This is a Scion IQ. Friends are questioning our IQ for getting it

29 thoughts on “We Thought We Were Getting a Lexus, But . . .

  1. readsomuch says:

    The Scion is adorable, Elsie! I love how your husband looked at all the cars and then brought home each one for you to look at. I was just driving past the Fiat dealer, thinking how one would be a great car for me this summer to zip around town!

  2. I LOVE those little cars. Totally cute! I can’t believe they don’t have keyless entry, though. That seems weird to me… My parents just had a random car-buying experience, too. My dad loves car shopping, although, I wouldn’t label him a car freak. Mom gave him a list of options for her 60th birthday – next May. She needed EITHER something bright blue, OR a convertible, OR a PT Cruiser. Dad called his car salesman to give the criteria to be on the lookout for the next year. Six days later, car salesman calls dad to have him come look at a BLUE PT CRUISER CONVERTIBLE… what are the odds? Mom is now in seventh heaven driving around in her “Cute, Fun, New” little car. 🙂

  3. What a story! I love that the car you ended up with has nothing from your list of must-haves. It’s a cute little car; reminds me of the cozy cupe car that my children have (if only it were red!). It looks like a fun little grocery getter, as my mom would say. Enjoy it and be safe!

  4. TGH says:

    Great story… seems to be lacking the details of your ‘donuts’ in the driveway and in shopping parking lots!! :0)

  5. I LOVE those cars! For some reason, they make me happy when I see them pull up next to me. Of course, I would be even happier if you stepped out of one next to me, but that would mean you traveled dangerously long distances, so nevermind. Some of your best writing is your writing about your husband. You describe him and his quirks with the perfect balance of amusement and honesty.

  6. For some reason it reminds of a little car you would see in that cartoon “Busy Town,” a little zoomer of sorts! Super cute and it is really funny that it has nothing you were looking for, but obviously it is everything you wanted! Love it.

  7. As usual, such a fun post! I didn’t even know there was such a thing as “car blogs”! 🙂 I love the way you described your decision making process and your husband’s incredulity at the fact that you would even consider the Scion! I think a “fun” car sounds great, and I think it’s quite cute, from the picture!

  8. djts says:

    The 3 of you got in that car??? Where’s the “in” spot for the third person?
    This post reminded me of our car change times. We’ll be driving along and my husband just pulls into a dealership to show me something… secretly planned all along, but with the enticement of an innocent drive for ice cream or a lobster roll. He may have even mentioned a stop at a dealership, but who was listening after the lure of fun food?

  9. I love that car…adorable! And how cool that you just had an inkling that although it did not have ANYTHING on the list, it was the car for you. Good for you, Elsie!

  10. Judy C. says:

    Enjoyed your (and your husband’s) journey thru the purchase of a new car. I hate car shopping and haggling. Cute & small – be careful and enjoy!

  11. I think it is adorable…and your husband is a riot (my dad is like that with researching cars). I’m really a little worried that you didn’t get something with 3.a backup camera (I don’t always do well backing)
    because that is going to be an absolute necessity in my next car ! Another way we are alike LC. love nanc xo

  12. Michelle @litlearningzone says:

    Oh, that was too funny! I’m kinda surprised that your husband went along with it! It is a cute little car – have fun and be safe!

  13. Car ownership is just a big, big deal. I’ve always been amazed at the shear number of photos there are in family albums of people standing by their cars. So years from now, Elsie, when you have a pic of you & the Scion, what will the descendants think? I see lots on the road here in Denver. Hope you like it! Is the white one yours? Love that you purchased something that had nothing of your required list. Chemistry trumps everything I guess.

  14. I’m pretty amused by the fact that the car doesn’t have anything from the list he created. Oh my!

    My hubby just got a new car. We thought we were getting an SUV. We landed up with an Accord. How’s that for a difference?

  15. Tam says:

    The best part is you have your car back. This Scion looks like a toy and definitely not for long periods of travel that you do. I bet it is fun to drive and have people look at you. But if you can have a toy to play with along with your car, life can’t get any better! Or, and your writing is clear and concise. I had to add that. I have a running list of things I want in my next and maybe last car for a long time. I added the back up camera–thanks.

  16. Oh this made my day. So many things in our lives are ruled by well, rules. We are mature, responsible, and productive. We educate ourselves and try to make wise decisions! Sometimes when it is a completely free choice it is great to go with FUN! I will be the one smiling and waving at you from here as you gadabout in this cute car.

  17. I read the entire slice on my reader before clicking on the link to see the picture! Since I’m not a car person, I had no connection for Scion. Then I clicked on the link! It made me smile. Enjoy ignoring your list and going for the fun factor!

  18. Lynn says:

    Oh boy I felt like I was reading a page out of my life…my husband is a car freak too! Actually your husband may have him beat bit… Enjoy the new car and it is kind of cute!

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