Free Day!

What do you do when you find yourself with a day that has no requirements or restrictions? You play!

Step one: Plan to meet up with friends, T and J,  to have  a long overdue pedicure. The feet have been enclosed in socks and shoes all winter long. They have suffered through dry skin and quick foot/toe maintenance.  This part of the body does not get  the attention it deserves. Why bother, no one will see them. That is about to change as the sandal season has begun.

Oh, the luxury of relaxing in a chair while  someone trims, shapes, and removes the dead skin from the feet Plus there is the quick massage of each foot and calf. Oh yes, this is a creature comfort that has been missing from my life for too many months. Ahhh! One hour later, the toes are shiny jewels that catch my eye as I glance down.

Step two: Head out to the outlet mall that is about 35 minutes south of town with the friends. We discuss our mental shopping lists and the “must go-to” stores. There are not too many items on the shopping list. My goal is to find sandals or shoes. I discover that I am not alone with that shopping item. T needs some cute golf clothes, and we know  the perfect store to meet her need.

Before hitting the stores, we stop for a quick bite to eat at Subway. After all, one needs nourishment to supply the stamina for the shopping ahead. Turkey sub for me, veggie flatbread for T and J. Let’s hit the stores!

T finds many possibilities in the store that carries golfing clothes. After a period of trying on and deliberating, she walks away with several outfits, plus a pair of slacks for her husband. She will be quite the fashionista of the golf course this summer! On to the shoe store!

We each head down the aisle to match our particular foot size. Quickly I discover a sandal that I have in bronze and it is available in off-white. The box is tucked safely under my arm as I scan the other shoes. Yes, this looks like it will be just what I need. It is taupe and it will be very versatile as it goes with everything! I have made my way to the end of the aisle where they have put the sale items. Hmmm . . . this black sandal looks interesting. It has a zipper in the back, I try it on. I like the way it feels. It hugs my foot and I don’t have to worry about walking out of it. T comes along, “What do you think? I ask.

“It’s okay, not loving it, but it’s okay,” she replies. I begin to doubt my choice. I really think they are comfortable. As I am pondering, several women comment, as I am studying my feet. It has become a free for all on opinions. Carefully, I consider all opinions, where I will wear these, what I will wear these sandals with, and I make a decision. I want them!

The final outcome is three friends went into a shoe store. They each exited the store with three new pairs of shoes. This is the way to spend a free day!

29 thoughts on “Free Day!

  1. Seney says:

    Hanging with friends. No better day. I have been wishing for some new sandals. I think I will call some friends…or maybe I have to work first.

  2. I loved how you described your toes like little jewels that would catch your eye. There is something to this; when I paint my toes and they catch my eye, I smile. Glad you had such a fun free day! Love the pics too.

  3. How fun! I need to set my feet free soon. I think you have inspired me — a great weekend outing is on the horizon. I’m glad you got the shoes!

  4. What a great day! I love the days when I have a pedicure. I take a book, relax, and enjoy someone else taking care of my feet.
    The perfect end was finding 3 pairs of shoes. Enjoying your day vicariously.

  5. margaretsmn says:

    Once when I got a new demanding job, a friend told me, “Don’t ever give up shoe shopping.” It became a metaphor for taking time for ourselves. My favorite kind of day, friends, spa time, and shopping.

  6. So jealous! The way you shared made me feel as if I was right there with you and your friends… talking, shopping, laughing, sharing, and enjoying each others’ company. A wonderful way to spend a free day!

  7. I envy the trip with friends as much as the pedicure & the shoes, although your choices of the three seems terrific. I will look for those zip kind-interesting. So happy you had a lovely day, Elsie. I love the ‘free for all’ opinions. Always happens in women’s stories, doesn’t it?

  8. Lynn says:

    Oh how right you are! A pedi is a perfect way to spend part of a day…any day! And to top it off with shopping…oh girlfriend this is a perfect day!

  9. Tiffany says:

    LC, what a great way to relive our day! I needed that today. What a fun , Impulsive day You inspire me to be a better shopper, writer and friend! Can’t wait to do it all again!

  10. “It’s okay, not loving it, but it’s okay,” she replies. I begin to doubt my choice. I really think they are comfortable. As I am pondering, several women comment, as I am studying my feet.
    Once again I feel like there with you in the shoe store. You show me your day, and not just tell me. Oh, and the photographs really add a fun element to your story. Cute toes and shoes.

  11. Since it was a workday for me and I don’t think the “firsties” touching my feet really qualifies as a foot massage 🙂 Your detailed description of your day made me feel like I came with. Thanks!

  12. Judy C. says:

    What a delightful way to spend your “free day” – good friends, a ped, food, shopping and finding shoes you love. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Would you believe it? I love a good ped and fresh new sandals but I have never put the two experiences together and with friends? Wow what a way to spend a day!

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