Summing Up

The final day of March and I made it! It feels good to be able to say that. Let me savor those words a moment . . . I. MADE. IT!

As the month began I had worries. What would I write about? Could I do it every day? My work calender was facing me and it was far too busy for my liking. How would I find the time to read and comment? I knew how important comments had been to me last year. I wanted to continue to support the writers whose words I had grown to love through the year. I wanted to meet new people through their words of their daily life. This was going to be a jam packed month.

I wrote. I completed 31 days of writing. Mostly my writing was a moment of my day. Such as . . .

  • It may have been a moment as I shopped for food (often unsuccessfully finding the item on the quest) or fixing some part of a meal.
  • Several of the moments came because I was sitting in my car observing the world around me.
  •  Schools I worked in gave me something to write about.
  • I noticed the process of completing tasks and the process reminded me of the process of writing.
  •  Creatures of nature crept into my writing. Some were welcomed, but others were looked upon with abhorrence.
  • A milestone in my blogging career was observed.
  • Poetry crept into my blog. I tried a variety of forms.
  • Photographs aided my words and showed the world I live and walk in each day.
  • Plus I wrote on your blogs. My words are the words I would say to you if we were sitting somewhere sharing a beverage or perhaps a meal.

I read my friends from year round slicing and I discovered more amazing writers. You let me into your lives. You related joyous moments of celebration. You shared incredible stories of bravery and perseverance. You wrote of sadness and heartbreak. My mind was filled with your stories of your life, you affected me with the words you chose to share. I feel honored to count each and everyone of you as a friend. I also read the words you left for me. Those words of encouragement spurred me on to create another post for another day. Thank you!

Through all this reading and writing I had to continue my work. Too many lost hours were spent in the car, not being able to read. I traveled 2,519 miles this month. I have not been home for more than three days consecutively during the last three weeks. Today, I get to put my suitcase up for the next ten days. I will savor my time home. My plan is to sit on the patio and enter the world of Wonder. I need some time to breathe.

The joy this challenge brings to my life can’t be described by me. I have grown as a writer and thinker because of you. I can work with teachers and be authentic when I talk about the challenges of writing every day. I bring your voices to the teachers who don’t understand that to teach writing you have to write.

These are my final words . . . until Tuesday. See you there! 🙂

32 thoughts on “Summing Up

  1. Elsie,
    This is beautiful. This was my first year to join the event. I will be honest, I first joined to get back in the writing habit. I needed to find my way back to listening and watching for stories, to playing with ideas in my notebook, to writing on a regular basis. What I didn’t anticipate was how my thinking would change. It didn’t take long for me to not focus as much on my own writing as on the stories I was reading as I passed from blog to blog. I wanted to hurry with my posts so I could read the words from others. I found it fascinating that the world is full of so many stories — so many that might have been lost. I loved this line, “My mind was filled with your stories of your life, you affected me with the words you chose to share.”

    Well said!

  2. jee young says:

    Yes, we all made it! *high five* I love how you wrote that poetry crept into you posts. Poetry found a way into my posts as well. Thank you so much for all your comments during this challenge. It was really encouraging. I’m so thankful for your consistency and support. 🙂

  3. Your slices were such writerly slices…details and interpretations and musings…and they all reflected YOU, even though I haven’t met you, Elsie, I somehow feel that if we ever did meet, I ‘d hear a familiar voice. Thanks for always leaving a comment, that meant so much.

  4. I have so enjoyed reading your slices, Elsie, and this slice reminds me of some of my favourites. You make writing look easy, which is quite the magic trick!

  5. mrssurridge says:

    I love your idea of a wrap up of all your posts. Thank you for taking the time in between your traveling, posting and commenting to comment on my class blog. We really appreciated it!

  6. So, dear friend, slicer, writer & commenter extraordinaire, thank you for your words all through the month. You have such a way of making the ordinary something to savor, to look at again with pleasure. I try sometimes, but cannot always make it work the way you so seemingly effortlessly. How did you do this traveling & working & do all you did for so many in the challenge? Everywhere I went, you had been there. What a gift you gave to everyone, Elsie, so I end again with a thank you! And-see you Tuesday!

  7. I can’t decide which captivates me most, Elsie – your writing, your wisdom, or the way you write your wisdom. It is such a perfect marriage, and it has blessed me repeatedly this month; both in your posts, and in the comment section of my posts. I appreciate your contributions and am thankful for your presence in this community!

  8. Michelle @litlearningzone says:

    Elsie, it’s been another wonderful month and I’m so glad I got to travel again with you this year! Not only does your daily writing inspire me, but the thoughtful comments you left behind mean so much. I think this year I’ve learned more and more from slicers through their commenting! See you on Tuesday!

  9. Elsie,
    Your comments have meant so much to me this month. Thank you for the time and special attention that you gave to me and so many others. You are inspiring! The teachers you work with are very lucky to have you. See you on Tuesdays!

  10. What a great idea to reflect on all the things you wrote about! I am surprised at the variety. It makes me wonder if I would find so much variety in my own slices. Hmm. Enjoy WONDER!! It is the perfect reward for a month of writing, reading, and commenting.

  11. “I bring your voices to the teachers who don’t understand that to teach writing you have to write.”

    Thank you elsie for your comments on my writing. You have been so faithful and I truly appreciate it.

  12. Elsie, thanks so much for mentoring me this month. I found your comments and kind words everywhere as I read the blogs of so many new friends! Wonder is also in my TBR pile, and I plan to wander in as soon as my fabulous house guests depart.

  13. I have so enjoyed your posts, Elsie, and getting to know you through them. I look forward to meeting even more writing friends by continuing with the Tuesday Slice of Life.
    Thanks also for commenting so often on my posts.

  14. Judy C. says:

    Elsie, I’m not sure how you accomplished all you have done this month. I truly enjoy your writing and encourage you to continue. Thanks for allowing me to get to know you better thru you slices and thru your comments. You have totally wrapped the month up. See you on Tuesdays!

  15. Can’t wait to see you back on Tuesday as well! What a support you have been to so many, we all appreciate your kind words and most of all the time you put into commenting. You are a gem.

  16. I think you have logged 2,519 miles of comments as well! You have a way with words in both your writing and commenting. It wasn’t just the encouragement you left for me which was delightful but the thoughtful words you left for others in the comments. I am looking forward to more sharing. Thanks Elsie!

  17. Seney says:

    You wrote “I can bring your voices”. This is how I feel. I am so disappointed in myself for not experiencing this world before but because of YOU and others I am going to keep slicing, reading, and “bring your voices” to my writing life. Thank you!

  18. Janay says:

    Elsie, you are a true writer. I have to admit, I have tears in my eyes as I read your last slice for the month. I’m so proud of you, but knew you would get through it, and be a better person for it! I have to agree with the comment that talked about Carson and Midler. It’s so sad…… Enjoy your time at home. Perhaps we should have another coffee morning. Or better yet, I still have that gift certificate!

  19. I like the way you looked through your slices and listed the common themes and forms of your slices — neat idea! I love the line “if we were sitting somewhere sharing a beverage or perhaps a meal”. That’s what I feel like too! I’m glad we’ve gotten to know each other better this month and I look forward to seeing you again on more Tuesdays! 🙂

  20. You are simply fantastic in more ways that I can say. I have truly enjoyed your stories and getting to know you. Day after day, you showed up on my page and that of SO MANY others and you gave genuine, truthful responses. I can’t imagine the time you spend commenting. It is amazing and beautiful. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

    Enjoy your 10 days at home. Enjoy WONDER. It is amazing.

  21. Jama says:

    Elsie, this month has been such an experience of growth for me, and you have been there every step of the way. Thank you! I don’t know how you do all that you do. I am pretty sure that your comments were on all the posts I read. How did you do it? Anyway, the teachers in the schools you visit are truly blessed to have you there. You are such an encourager! Thank you so much for your regular comments.

  22. This was might first month challenge as well. I wasn’t sure if I could write for 31 days straight. We both made it!! Let’s keep it up on Tuesdays!

  23. TGH says:

    Thank Goodness you will be back next week! I was starting to remember when Carson signed off and Bette Midler sang, so sad…You have been a blast to read and a true inspiration! Can’t wait until next week!

  24. Tam says:

    Wonderful wrap up of the month’s events. Thank you for taking the time to read my posts and commenting. I have always liked how you took small, every day things and made them special. I learned that from you. 2,519 miles!!! Glad you have some home time. See you on Tuesdays, Elsie.

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