If you take photography + poetry + trees  you get phoetree.

In winter, trees reveal their secrets.

No leafy foliage to hide behind,

The beauty of their shape is exposed.

Some trees have secrets of life hidden in their limbs

Some limbs take a wrong turn

Invaders have taken over

Mysterious nodules exposed

Mother Nature pushes

Until limbs can bear no more

Limbs reach out

Strong enough to hold you close

Setting sun savors the landscape

23 thoughts on “Phoetree

  1. Elsie, I’m going back as I can and reading past posts, just not commenting on all, but had to tell you how much I enjoyed this one. Your creativity in the name and the photos shines through!

  2. jee young says:

    Love how you invented Poetree! How creative! I like the pictures and descriptions you have. I think that tree always contain so much beauty when you look carefully at them.

  3. Jama says:

    What a great idea! I think your poem would have stood alone, but your photos made it like a picture book. I like phoetry.

  4. I saw a nest in a tree today and thought about how it won’t be noticeable for much longer. I wondered how I could turn that into a slice, but surely I can’t top this PHOETRY! I love this idea and this is a fantastic example.

  5. Tam says:

    I never thought of taking pictures of trees without leaves. You do see something different. I like this idea. I love trees and so does my husband. He grows them from seed and has always passed them out to whomever. If we were closer, we would give you some seedlings or larger.

  6. Love your new word! (Isn’t making up words so fun?!) The poem is beautiful, and I love the way the pictures are intertwined with it. I might have to try this sometime, since I love both poetry and photos! 🙂

  7. Setting sun savors the landscape…I love this line. What beautiful pictures and I love the connections you made between pictures, poetry and trees. Simple and pure and amazing.

  8. Julie says:

    What connections! I love this piece. I often take my kids out to do charcoal sketches of winter trees to discover this hidden beauty.

  9. How very cool! Thank you for sharing the planning that went into this – your phoetree eye was on the alert for unusual, arresting images , clearly. Well done, Elsie!

  10. grade4wizard says:

    The pics and the words are intertwined beautifully. I wondered about the process. I am glad that Ramona asked and you answered.

  11. zeaserspalace says:

    I love this idea! You made it work with nature. I wonder how it work with other subjects, as well. I also thought that spring was going to burst out of those limbs as I read, so I was surprised by the ending. I really want to try this now with a group in my school. Thanks for this awesome idea!

  12. Absolutely love the concept of phoetree!! May have to share this concept with my students.
    The combination of your pictures and words were just perfect!

  13. I have the same question that Ramona has. Which came first? I wrote about a tree today too. I do enjoy how you use pictures in your writing. I would like to try that. Thanks for the inspiration.

  14. aruddteacher100 says:

    I love how you captured the life of the trees in your phoetree. They won’t be exposed for much long with the bursting of Spring! As a matter of fact, I think right now they kind of look like daytime fireworks!

  15. I like your phoetreen( should you trademark that?) 🙂 Nice picture/phrase match.
    Limbs reach out
    Strong enough to hold you close
    I have felt that way looking at a vast expanse and feeling tethered to earth by a tree’s hug.

    • I planned a piece on trees in winter (mentally), then when I saw the phoetry on Wake Up and Write, I thought that would be a good combination. I’ve been taking pictures of trees for a couple weeks planning this. Then I looked at my pictures and thought about the words that had been simmering in my mind and combined them. So they developed together, sort of.

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