Changes (part two)

Where was I? Oh yes, due to the fact I could not go away to college, I met my husband. That changed the direction of my life.

We were both teachers, and we got jobs in a small rural town where we stayed for twenty years. Then, boom! A big change, my husband got a different job. We had to move, my son was going to be a sophomore in high school. I was not too excited about this move. Over time I discovered this was the best thing for us.

Because of the change to a new school, I was able to become a Reading Recovery teacher. That training changed my teaching in the most positive way. I am thankful I was able to get that training. It made me a better teacher for all my students. I wouldn’t have the “part-time” job of training teachers in balanced literacy practices if we hadn’t moved. So once again a change made me a better person.

After spending a year away attending (or should I say not attending) college and another semester in college closer to home, my son decided he wanted to move to California to work for his uncle instead of continuing his education. That change was a heartbreaker for me. However, he did return to school, he met a wonderful girl, and they are happily married. I can proudly say he completed his education and is a geophysicist. A heartbreaking change turned into a heart-happy life.

The newest change  about to happen is . . .  my brother-in-law is retiring and selling his house in California. He doesn’t know where he will live, but it won’t be California. When we go to visit our son and family, we stay at my brother-in-law’s house. He has a very nice house and there is a room for us. My son does not have a room for us (he barely has enough room for his family).

I thought, it will take a while for the house to sell, the market hasn’t recovered. My California home is safe, for a while. I was wrong. The house was on the market for four days and he has three offers for the house. No, no, say it isn’t sold! It will be, soon. This is not a change I am looking forward to. Now I will have to find other accommodations in California. Why does this have to change? Will this turn into a change for the good? I can’t see it that way right now. Our comfortable arrangement is about to hit a snag. I hate snags! (I told you it wasn’t bad, just inconvenient.)