Changes in My Life

A friend once told me the only one who likes change is a wet baby. I often think about that as changes occur in my life. A change is brewing and it makes me sad. A chapter of my life is closing and I will have to figure out something else. (It is not bad, just inconvenient.)

Thinking about the change that will be happening (yes, I will explain, but not yet) made me think about  some of the changes in my life that have shaped me into the person that I am now.

As a child, my life was pretty static. Nothing changed, except we kept adding babies. (I am the oldest of five.) We always went to visit grandmas and grandpas in Wisconsin in the summer. (I didn’t know people took vacations to places where there were no relatives.) We went to the same church, the same school, nothing changed in the neighborhood, same friends. No one moved away and no one moved in. Then one day my dad decided a church sponsored school teacher’s salary just wasn’t going to make it for a family of seven. He changed jobs. We moved.

Life changed dramatically for me the year I began 7th grade. I went from small church school in Chicago to big public school in Houston, Texas. Here is where I learned to sit back and watch because I was no longer part of a group. I had to learn how to make friends. This was the first of three moves. Seventh, eighth, and ninth grades were all in different cities. Make friends, then move, make friends, then move. Needless to say those did not develop into life-long friends.

Just when I started to settle back into thinking life is on track, it’s going along smoothly my grandparents died within a year of each other. They left a hole in my life that I thought would never heal. But time has a way of washing away that pain. I learned that people in your life may not always be with you.

“There is a perfectly good college in this town. There is no need to go anywhere else,” dictated my father. So the change I wanted (freedom) was not to be. I lived at home while I attended college. Little did I know, my future was going to be affected by that decision (that was my Valentine’s Day story).

Tune in tomorrow for more changes, I think I have rambled on quite long enough and you have other slices to read.

18 thoughts on “Changes in My Life

  1. the other ruth says:

    elsie, I’m intrigued. Looks like a whole lot of us are waiting….so whatever you do, do NOT take tomorrow off from slicing!

  2. djts says:

    I won’t be able to find out until late tomorrow. Maybe you could just email me or text or even call and tell me what you are going to say tomorrow and I won’t tell ANYONE. I promise.

  3. You are reeling us in one by one. I’ll be thinking of you and sending you any extra positive energy I have. It takes a lot to get through a transition but it is almost always those experiences we look back on with triumph…you will do it, whatever it is, you will make it the best it can be. Can’t wait to root for you.

  4. This is great! I’ll be looking for part two, tomorrow! I remember reading somewhere that almost all the wonderful things that happen to us were preceded by something that went wrong/not as you wanted or expected…life is change, up and down, back and forth.

  5. You are a bit of a tease today. 😉 I’m hooked and looking forward to hearing more. I thought your friends saying was interesting, “the only one who likes change is a wet baby.” I think I’ve learned to expect change almost to a fault. Your post has me thinking I should write about that (privately).

  6. I love how you wrote “I didn’t know people took vacations to places where there were no relatives.” That is exactly how I grew up. Change can be good, it’s our reaction to it that matters (or so I’m learning). I can hardly wait to read more.

  7. I’ve had some big losses in my life in the past year or so. Change is inevitable and some changes can be positive, even when we don’t initiate them, like the way you had to stay in your home during your college years. Other changes, like loss, take a long time to heal, to adjust. I’m praying the change you are about to experience will have some positive nuggets hidden within.

  8. I, too, will read tomorrow…but I am a little bit frightened. I don’t always like change…it makes me feel not in sync with the world as I know it.

  9. I’m so curious to see what your upcoming change is! I like the way you described how your attitude toward change changed through your life. I also love how you noted that something you didn’t want at the time (staying at home during college) ended up leading something very good (you meeting your husband!). Change is coming for me next year since I’ll be doing a different job, so your post really spoke to me!

  10. grade4wizard says:

    You have my attention. The what if-s in life don’t work. What has happened or not happened is part of our personal histories. I look forward to reading more about you and changes in your life.

  11. Tam says:

    You have my attention, Elsie. I love biographies and now an autobiography of someone I know!! Changes, oh, so hard, but inevitable. Rough during your middle years, then college, wanting change.

  12. Hang on, I’m waiting for the big change :).
    I love how you take us through your “static” early childhood and then how life changes…
    I love this post. Tell me more

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