It Moved

I never know what the situation will be when I walk into a school. Sometimes there is a sub problem so the principal is shuffling teachers and aides to create the situation where the teachers can attend the PD I am presenting that day.

Location is always an issue. Schools don’t usually have a spare room sitting empty. I have been in a computer lab where there is no table space because laptops cover the tables. You cannot move them because the cords are duct taped to the tables. An art room is not a bad place, but the tables have not been wiped down in weeks. Dried paint, glue, and clay residue are the remnants of a variety of art projects. Or how about start in the library, then after first hour move to a classroom. Of course there are no tables, but only student desks to sit in. I am easy going, I don’t complain, I just make the best of it.

Yesterday was a new experience. I had been working with a different grade level each day, so this was the third and final day. As I prepared to get the materials out for the teachers I noticed there was something on the table. It was sticky, it needed to be gone before the teachers arrived. The workroom is right next to the room we were meeting in and it has a sink with a dishtowel on the counter. I thought I’d just dampen the corner of the towel, wipe the table down, and dry it off. As I walked into the workroom Karen, a literacy coach I work with, said, “They said there are termites all over in here, but I don’t see any.”

Those words did not make me very comfortable, so I began looking around. At first I didn’t see any. Then my eyes scanned the speckled tiled floor. The speckles were moving! “Look at the floor,” I said. “Its moving!”

“Gross!” was her reply as she quickly exited the room. Unfortunately I had to cross the space where they were running to and fro. Quickly I grabbed the towel, stepping carefully to stay away from the swarm. Needless to say, after I wiped the table, I tossed the towel to the counter well away from the pests. Soon a sign appeared on the door, Keep this door closed. Seriously, you don’t think they will escape?

After school there was no sign of the bugs but the bookcase was pulled away from the wall. It did not smell of pesticide. So what does this mean? Will they  munch away all weekend undisturbed or are they gone for good? I only know I won’t be back for a month, so I hope the termites will be terminated before I return.

18 thoughts on “It Moved

  1. A vivid description of your day and the moving floor.

    ” I am easy going, I don’t complain, I just make the best of it.” Three sentences I am working on in my own life. Thank you once again for an interesting slice of your life.

  2. D-I-S-G-U-S-T-I-N-G! Your wrote it so well that there is a ball stuck in my throat right now as I try not to gag. The floor moving visual is making me squirm.

  3. Yuck! I was okay with the gritty table, but the moving floor got to me…not you, though, you stayed calm and carried on ( just like that poster above my desk says I must also do). You are one brave lady!

  4. Ah-h, I don’t like those specks or staying away from the swarm. Do they really swarm? I guess it’s better than bedbugs, but not much. With all the flexible ways you are presenting & where, I believe I can now call you ‘resilient’ Elsie. Good luck next month.

  5. “Staying away from the swarm”…a brave soul you are. I did giggle out loud. Sorry, I would have been terrified. I would say never a dull moment for you; and yes, it gives you something to write about and entertain those lucky enough to read your blog.

  6. “I’M TIRED OF THESE MUTHA–UH-UH TERMITES ON THIS MUTHA-UH-UH FLOOR!!” (Sorry….I had a Samuel L. Jackson “Snakes on a Plane” moment when you described the termites swarming the floor!)

    Hey….I just read your comment about Lily’s story. If you want me to send you the file, just email me:

    I read her your comment and let her listen to what you said, and she’s made it repeat 50 times! I knew this was a good idea for her. Thanks for playing!


  7. Judy C. says:

    Just the thought (and your vivid description) made my skin crawl. I loved your last paragraph, but especially “Will they munch away all weekend undisturbed or are they gone for good?” My picture is of many bugs gnawing away at all the books! Hopefully your next spot will be idyllic.

  8. Tam says:

    Oh, my. I never thought of visitors having this much trouble. Hope your next spot is a lot better. I don’t know if I could be this agreeable after awhile of so many adjustments. You’re tough.

  9. Yuck! Living in Maine we don’t see many termites, but we have had mice and ant problems at schools I’ve worked in. You did a great job with describing, especially, “the floor is moving” reminded me of Harrison Ford in looking at the floor covered in snakes. Ewwww. Have a bug free weekend.

    • SueB says:

      My spine was crawling with your discription of the termites-very effective. Ants who think it’s time to appear are frustrating me, termites would really freak me out!

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