Poetry on the Spine

Last week Dana at She Writes Because . . . created three great book spine poems after reading a post from Travis Jonkers at 100 Scope Notes. I also read Travis’s call for book spine poems, but alas I had already posted my slice for Friday. My plan was to create a few with books from my shelves and post them today, on  Poetry Friday.

Immediately after reading 100 Scope Notes, I pulled several books from my shelves and voila! a poem. Here is my poem:

Quickly I sent this one off to Travis. Woo hoo! I got an email back saying he has added it to the Book Spine Gallery that will be visible on April 2. My mind was spinning, my fingers were itching to pull more, but I did not have time to create another (work was shouting at me). That task was put on the back burner, the I’ll-do-it-later list.

Three days later as I am driving away from home, my mind is running through the checklist of to do’s. Oh no! I forgot to turn the back burner on. I left home and did not have any more poems for the Friday post! Drats! 😦 What to do? Call a friend! I know someone with an incredible bookshelf of children’s books. She lives near where I will be working. Can she save me? Ring, ring . . .

Me: Hey Linda, are you going to be home Thursday?

Linda: Sure am, what’s up?

Me: Could I drop by and go through your bookcase to create some book spine poems?

Linda: Sure, but what’s a book spine poem?

Me: You stack books and create poetry with the titles. See you tomorrow!

Thankfully, Linda has saved me! We combed her shelves and created a couple more poems. Check them out!

I think we did a pretty good job. Thanks Linda! You saved me from a single poem post.