100 Today

“You write just because?” I ask with an incredulous tone.

“Yes, I carry a little notebook and when I think of something I jot it down, then later I might write something,” said Kim, my co-worker during a staff meeting.

“Let me get this straight,” I continue to press her for information. “You CHOOSE to write? There’s no real purpose behind your writing?” I totally don’t get it. Why would she do this? I roll this information around in my head. It does not compute.

I have no memory of writing instruction in my school career. Writing was done to complete an assignment, usually a report. Stories of my life? No way! There was no joy in writing. If I visualize  writing from school, I see lots of red ink with phrases that have no meaning to me: run-on, fragment, verb tense. What am I supposed to do with this? That was me then.

This is me today. It is my 100th post. I can’t believe it. I am surprised. I am proud.

Last year when Ruth began her posts of “try it, you’ll like it,” I stopped and pondered the invitation. Could I create a blog? If I did, would I have anything to write about? What would be the purpose of my blog?¬†I looked around. I saw blogs that offer ideas for teaching. I saw blogs that reviewed books. I saw blogs that I couldn’t figure out their purpose. I needed to develop a purpose.

I decided I needed to experience a writerly life if I was working with teachers to develop writer’s workshop in their classrooms. I needed to know the difficulty of putting words on the paper. (or should I say computer?) I had been a lurker in the shadows for a couple of years devouring every word of advice to writers that Stacey and Ruth wrote.

January 2011 found me in a hotel room, 270 miles from home and school was cancelled due to snow. Today I thought, I’ve got nothing but time to figure this blog thing out. As fortune would have it, it was a Tuesday. That is when Elsie Tries Writing was born.

I jumped into the pool and have made merry for the past fifteen months. When will I stop? I can’t answer that because I am having the best time creating with words. The comments encourage and support me in a way I never could have imagined. I love reading and commenting on this writing community’s blogs. You are all a very special group of people to me. Thank you for reading my words, notice craft I used, laughing with me, and talking to me through your comments.

Elsie is still trying to write, but now she enjoys it. She even writes just because. . .