Happy Husband

Tonight I will not home, in fact, I will not be home until Friday evening. This is not what makes my husband happy. 🙂

Food is very important to my husband, but he does not like to prepare food. He likes to consume it, not prepare it. That becomes a problem when I have to be out of town for several days. To prepare for those days alone, I try to fix meals so there will be leftovers. He is a master at microwaving meals.

Every night (when I am home) he has a tossed lettuce salad with his dinner. The ingredients are fairly constant. Every night I chop up a few leaves of  red leaf lettuce, pull some shredded carrots from the bag, slice celery, red pepper, and green onion. A quarter of an avocado is placed on top followed by a sprinkling of feta cheese. This is a fairly basic tossed salad, right? Easily replicated, right? Apparently this is not the case. I have been told that when he has to make the salad it doesn’t taste as good as when I make it. Really, how can this be? There are no secret ingredients in this salad. He tells me he has covertly watched me make the salad to to make sure I am not adding something that he does not know about. Really?

So tonight there will be a salad waiting for him in the refrigerator. He will heat the roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy, AND a tossed salad ready and waiting for him. He will be a happy husband (for one night).

Kalamata olives replace avocado tonight

16 thoughts on “Happy Husband

  1. Love the photo, looks beautiful! I love how you said he has been covertly watching, like he was in the corner taking notes and still go it wrong! Funny slice and a lucky guy. It is a nice thing to take the time to make a special something for your special someone.

  2. Judy C. says:

    I’ve found that it’s always better when someone else makes it! I”m the lucky one in our house – my husband does the cooking!!! I’m sure he truly appreciates all your do for him.

  3. Your salad looks delicious! I love that he believes so strongly in the secret ingredient that he watches you make it — hilarious. Maybe the secret ingredient is your love? 🙂 Your whole post and actions show how much you care about him. (even your fondly teasing description of him!) Does he have something similar he does for you when he is gone? (or are you self-sufficient without him?)

  4. Um, will you come live in my house? That is one lucky man! I think it’s funny that he’s secretly watching to see how you make the salads for him. Too funny! ” He is a master at microwaving meals” – he may need an ongoing alliteration type greeting that includes ‘master at microwaving meals’ like in the book The Mighty Miss Malone. It is very easy to read your writing – the conversation flows easily – your voice stands out.

  5. grade4wizard says:

    The secret ingredient is knowing that you made the salad because you care.
    Salad would not be considered a meal in my family. My husband likes meat. The good thing is that he cooks when needed.

  6. Phillip says:

    Oh dear, you must have the Van Someren wives disease!! worrying about what the old man is going to eat!! Can you imagine Grandpa Van doing ANYTHING in the kitched? Uncle John knew that Jane could be away for at least a month, before the home cooked meal train ran out of steam and he’d actually have to DO something about meal planning. And what is there to say about your poor uncle Frank? Had Marjorie died before him (provided she knew she would be going) she’d of had that freezer loaded (in chronological order probably) for a good year of meals. (Plus the morning, afternoon and evening snack times).

  7. Tam says:

    I first gazed on your salad, trying to figure out what was in it–yum!! At least your husband will eat all those good things–mine just the basic chef salad-lettuce, tomatoe, cheese, onion, egg. It always tastes better though when I don’t have to make something. It always tastes better when I take a bite of “his” sandwich, too, or something off his plate. Let’s face it, most men like meals prepared for them. He is very fortunate that you are willing to prepare a whole week’s worth. Here’s to salads and good eating!!!

  8. He is clever, your husband. And very lucky. My husband is a good cook, although his schedule doesn’t really give him time for cooking. He claims, however, to know nothing about how to do laundry. Hmmmmm . . . Your salad looks scrumptious.

  9. I wish I had a ‘wife’ to fix my meals ready for me when I arrive home from work! Seriously, Elsie, it would be a problem if I left too. You are great to do this, & that salad looks delicious. It’s a nice part of our lives taking care of each other.

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