Singing Along

Here I am, in my car, traffic is heavy, so few cars get through on the signal. Slowly we are inching our way up to the freedom beyond the stoplight. I am bobbing my head along with the music on the radio. It’s Adele, Set Fire to the Rain. So with my head a-bobbing, my eyes begin to wander and take in the other cars, since we are just sitting and waiting. I glance to the left and notice the girl’s lips are moving. She is not talking on her cell phone, she is singing along with the radio. She is listening to the same station. That’s a strange sensation to be listening to the radio and watching someone sing along. She never feels my eyes watching her. She never looks my way. If she had she would not have seen me mouthing the words. She would have seen me nodding my head along with the beat. Wonder if she would have figured out we were listening to the same station?


20 thoughts on “Singing Along

  1. I am an excellent car singer…I don’t know about outside the car, but inside…stellar! Isn’t it interesting that we all make connections to people around us – sometimes the are mutual and sometimes the other person is unaware. It don’t matter. It’s the human connection that is important. And, I love your choice of music!

  2. This has happened to me before…such a strange feeling! I love singing in the car and I get lost in music. I’ve probably been that person caught singing in the car by some random driver. Enjoyed this slice!

  3. How funny!! Isn’t is great to know that you are the best singer when you are alone in your car? I am probably one of those people who doesn’t notice that I am being watched!

  4. I always sing–in fact, I keep favorite CD’s in the car that I can sing along to. I only sing when I’m alone though–I don’t even sing when my husband is in the car. By the way–that Adele CD is my current favorite!

  5. Tam says:

    She must have really been involved. It would have been interesting if she did look your way and figure it out. Yes, the car music thing. I listen to oldie stations–love the music of the 60’s! I also have to watch my speed. That music just brings back a lot of “young” memories!!!

  6. the other ruth says:

    Oh man–I sing in the car all the time, and the more stressed I am, the louder I belt it out. Sometimes I even dance in my seat a little….and now I’m wondering who’s watching! šŸ™‚

  7. What fun! I never listen to music on the radio so it couldn’t happen to me, I guess. I listen to my cd’s or npr. How fun that you had the chance to make this connection (at least personally).

  8. I too sing in the car. especially if I know the song. I love music and love to listen to it when I’m driving. That is cool that you found out she was singing the same song you were listening to. Too bad she didn’t look your way… Thanks for sharing! Happy Slicing! šŸ™‚

  9. The car is the only place I feel comfortable enough to sing out loud – provided the windows are closed! It sounds like you had a lovely moment of connection there on t he road, we all need these to remind ourselves that we are on this planet together.

  10. I always sing in the car — quite enthusiastically, if I like the song! I’ve always wondered what I look like, singing to nobody, bopping my head, etc. I’m kind of like Christy though, in that I tone it down if I’m stopped at a light or in traffic. I totally would have seen you watching me and gotten really embarrassed! (Although I love that she didn’t, and you were able to figure out it was the same song!) Hilarious slice!

  11. I always think I am the only one who thinks about stuff like this. I ALWAYS sing while I am driving, but when I get stuck in traffic, I become self-conscious. When cars flying by just catch a glimpse of me, that is one thing, but when I might end up actually making eye contact with someone… I definitely would’ve felt you watching me (even if you weren’t). Although, maybe if I were singing to Adele, I might be so lost in the music that I didn’t notice. I LOVE this slice.

  12. Too funny.
    “She never feels my eyes watching her.” Such a great image. Your choice of words always makes me “feel” your writing. You involved my senses, “feels my eyes” . Such a vivid sentence. Sort of like seasoning on a salad. Better than,
    a sentence like this, ” I looked at her”. Which would be like a salad that was just lettuce and no seasoning.

  13. I sing at the top of my lungs, and when I laugh at the person in the car next to me who is singing along, I am reminded that I have probably been caught more times that I would like to know! šŸ™‚ Hopefully catching me brightens someone else’s day!!

  14. How totally cool that you noticed that she was singing to the same station. I love to sing in the car and I love my music….loud…it is a generational sickness in my family. Do you ever notice how people outside the car are sometimes strolling in the same rhythm to the song on the radio? MIAGD nanc

    • That’s so neat that you noticed this young woman! It must be the writer in you that makes you so observant. You must have been there for a while, though, if you were able to tell that she was singing along with Adele. šŸ™‚
      When I’m listening to music in the car, I do love to sing along. Since I live in the boonies and travel for me usually means highway driving, I don’t really worry about others noticing my mouth moving or my head bobbing. But, when I’m stopped at a light I’ll often stop singing and just drum on the steering wheel. Sad, I know. I should just keep singing.

  15. That’s so funny! Sometimes we try and switch stations to see if we can figure out what people are listening to. I love singing along to songs in the car…although I rarely listen to music because I always have an audiobook with me.

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