Singing Along

Here I am, in my car, traffic is heavy, so few cars get through on the signal. Slowly we are inching our way up to the freedom beyond the stoplight. I am bobbing my head along with the music on the radio. It’s Adele, Set Fire to the Rain. So with my head a-bobbing, my eyes begin to wander and take in the other cars, since we are just sitting and waiting. I glance to the left and notice the girl’s lips are moving. She is not talking on her cell phone, she is singing along with the radio. She is listening to the same station. That’s a strange sensation to be listening to the radio and watching someone sing along. She never feels my eyes watching her. She never looks my way. If she had she would not have seen me mouthing the words. She would have seen me nodding my head along with the beat. Wonder if she would have figured out we were listening to the same station?