Can You Get Something Great from a Mess?

Crafts have always been something I’ve enjoyed. As a child I loved making stuff. I would look at magazines and books and create bookmarks, bookends, name plates, and many other crafty things. This passion for creating continued to more complicated crafts as I grew older, such as quilling (click to see info from Wikipedia), crewel embroidery, plaster crafts,  and even creating plastic flowers by dipping shaped wire into some kind of liquid plastic that dried hard.

As a poor teacher, I supplemented our “fun” money by painting wood cut outs and selling them at a craft fair every fall. This enabled us to join the family on Christmas ski vacations in Steamboat Springs every other year for a period of time.

I have cross stitched, needlepointed, hooked rugs, and stamped cards. Wow, now that I have written this out I think that’s a lot of crafts, and I have probably forgotten some.

Currently my interest lies in beading. I mostly make necklaces, but I have done a few bracelets. Chico’s and Coldwater Creek are really to blame for this current interest. I liked some of their jewelry, but didn’t want to pay the price. My friend said you can make this. I’ll show you how and that was the end of that. I now have a tote with lots and lots of beads (mostly stones of some sort). I’m sure it would have been cheaper to pay the price for the store’s jewelry, but where would the creative pleasure be?

However, I don’t have time to pull it out very often. When I work with beads, I want to see all my options of what’s available. How does

 this stone look with this metal piece? Or what about this seed bead, can I use it somewhere? Oh yeah, these are nice, how can I use them? So . . . sometimes I have a dining table and a few evenings available.

I create a mess! (Good thing I am there alone.) Note that even in beading I need a mentor text (i.e. page ripped from Chico’s catalog).

As I sat there stringing and restringing the variety of beads, stones, and metal spacers, I thought this is just like writing. You have to get in there and play with the words to create the message you want the reader to understand. Move this word or sentence here and this piece flows better. Take this part out, it doesn’t fit. When you are finished with making a mess, you have a wonderful piece of writing or just maybe a cool necklace!