A pair of sharp eyes (Pamela of http://pamelahodges.wordpress.com)spotted something on my desk that she thought looked like a bear. It’s not a bear, but a basset hound figurine. Here is her story.

As we drove out of the town where we lived for twenty years to our new home, we stopped to pick up a sweet little basset puppy. She was oh so tiny, and oh so cute. Her name became Ohso. She became oh so big (75 lbs) and oh so messy. (Drool was everywhere!)

If we were planting something in the yard, Ohso would have to go for a walk. If she saw you plant it, she pulled it out when you weren’t looking. If she didn’t see it go into the ground, she wouldn’t bother it.

Once in a while we would let her off the leash and in the yard outside the fence (we were on three acres). Somehow she always knew where another dog had deposited a treasure. She would run and start to eat it. Yuck! So the game was to chase her away from the droppings in the field. I don’t know who got more exercise, the dog or me.

We got tired of the constant mowing of all those acres, so we decided to build a house in a subdivision with smaller yards. One day my husband came home and said I found a house and builder. Wes was the builder and when I found out he owned two bassets I knew we had a patient person to deal with us in the house building project. Wes was wonderful to work with, but it was his wife Cindy who fell in love with Ohso.

If we were going out of town, Ohso went to their house to live a royal life with their other two bassets. I know Ohso was always sad to see us come home, because she had a much more comfortable life with Cindy.

When we moved into our new house, Cindy gave us this figurine of a basset and it looked just like Ohso. Unfortunately, Ohso developed lymphomic cancer five years ago. She is not with us any longer. I still look at the figurine and see that silly girl, ears flopping as she ran around our field. I miss my girl!

See, it's not a bear.

11 thoughts on “Ohso

  1. What a name…Ohso…love it. Our household is a dog loving family. So sorry Ohso is not with you but how she enriched your life. 🙂

  2. I love the repetition of “oh so (adjective)” — it somehow shows your fondness for her. By the way, did you know that “oso” means “bear” in Spanish? Seems perfect since you said she was so big and messy. (Until you got to the “oh so (adj)” parts, I thought maybe that was the reason for the name.) Also so perfect that Pamela thought the figurine was a bear! 🙂

  3. You’ve given me some ideas for some pet stories, Elsie. I love dogs & have had my share. We don’t want to be tied down now so have no pets, sadly. Thanks for the story of Ohso, it’s oh so my kind of story!

  4. Judy C. says:

    Elsie, what an endearing story. Aren’t our pets just way to special? It’s hard to lose them, but you have a wonderful reminder that is Oh so still alive in your heart.

  5. grade4wizard says:

    The figurine is small, the memory great. It’s interesting that you didn’t just speak about your dog but also about the family who took care of your dog when you were away. For me it shows respect and appreciation.

  6. Tam says:

    I love dogs and dog stories. Ohso sure had a great life and her name is precious. That figurine looks so cuddly and soft and a great reminder of a well-loved pet. I must dig into my pet stories.

  7. Awwww – the figurine and your story is Oh-so wonderful! Dogs are the best, even when they are being their worst! (We had a lab for 16 years – the stories I should write….)
    Thanks for a great slice,

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