The Book Whisperer, Donalyn Miller, looks for hidden moments in the day where her students have the opportunity to read. Not a minute is wasted. If there is a minute, students are reading. That has been my model for finding moments to read and comment on slices.

I get up, get my coffee brewing and post my slice. Then I can read one or two before the coffee if ready. Cup in hand, I read and comment on a few more before I head to the shower.

Now I am dressed and ready to start the day, this week I am at home working. I head to my room, but before I can begin, I must check TWT. I refresh the browser to see how many more have posted. Quick, read, comment, read, comment, repeat. I am like a hamster on the wheel, it is spinning and I can’t get off. I want to read more.

STOP! I must prepare for the next few weeks. The little voice inside says, “Just check out one more.” So I do. Minimize the website, get to work! I work, but my mind is on the slices I read and did anyone comment on mine? A quick check reveals I do have comments. The comments make me smile. I need to comment back. Okay, I am back working.

Lunch time, I go out to heat up a Lean Cuisine. Look at that! It takes 9 minutes at 50% power, then let it sit for 2 minutes. Yes! I can read a few more while I wait.

On another day, I have stopped to pick up sandwiches to take home for lunch. As I wait for my order, I can read another slice. I start to respond, but the food is ready. Oh look, a red light, good. Now I can continue my comment. I sit at two more lights, but can’t push send until I get home. (No, I am not driving and commenting.)

My husband has said I am possessed. I remember this feeling from last year, but this year there are so many more! I do my best but I’m sorry if I didn’t get to you. I know how the comments fuel the soul to continue writing.

The rest of the month I will be working in schools three to four days a week and traveling many miles. My commenting will have to be evenings or stolen moments. I wish I could get Siri to read the blogs and take dictation while I drive, but she’s not that smart.

23 thoughts on “Commenting

  1. Elsie,

    I really appreciate your effort to comment on so many different slices. As a first-time slicer, it is true that “comments fuel the soul to continue writing.” I often read the comments you leave for other slicers, and they are truly genuine. Safe travels and we will all hear from you soon!

  2. grade4wizard says:

    My morning tea is cooling right now. In the evening I comment when Mimm watches cartoons or takes a bath. It’s possible to find few moments at school too. Finding those spare moments to comment has become almost a game. You are on the highest level. Thank you for caring!

  3. A woman possessed…I’m not sure if I should be embarrassed that I can totally relate to this. It is about filling up the spaces in our days for slices and comments. Although, it is a very good way to spend our time. Thanks for going above and beyond in the comment-department. You rock!

  4. I giggled at the line, “I am like a hamster on the wheel, it is spinning and I can’t get off.” You expressed so well what I’ve been thinking and trying to do. It can’t continue or our significant others may have us committed. 😉

  5. We all relate. 🙂 This is such an interesting adventure. Ideas push ideas and they push me right out my sleeping hours. Spring break comes for me this month or I am not sure I would make it! Ha

  6. I love your writing Elsie. Or is it your humourous mind that I love? Isn’t writing a window to the mind? Cliche, I know, but true too. You made me smile and I’m thinking skunks and strawberries and all that you’ve added to my March. Thanks for another great one.

  7. You are truly a comment rock star! I comment during stolen moments too–like when I wake up at 3am to let the dogs outside. I read and comment while I waited for them to be ready to come back inside. I love your connection to the Book Whisperer’s idea.

  8. This is my first year but you are right…it is something I look for…the hidden moments. But even when I can’t read this experience stays with me. I think about what someone wrote at random times or how someone maybe doing. It is like reading a good book and thinking how or what is a character doing. Now I wonder how or what are the slicers doing.

  9. Possessed,indeed. It is harder this year with so many to read…but I love all the different voices, and I do try to comment because I love reading what people have to say.

  10. haha, I love the way you let your “inner voice” come out in your writing! Mine keeps telling me “just one more” too! (Which is why Husband has had to pick up take-out dinner twice this week… hehe!) I can just picture you commenting from your phone at stoplights between driving… hysterical!

  11. I am so the same way. I find myself sneaking them in here and there. Today I’m relaxing after a long day of testing. of course now I’m reading everyone else’s comments too! I have a real problem. : ) The good kind.

  12. That would be awesome if Siri could read blog posts for me on the go.

    Alas, I’ve read and commented on about 10 or 12 this afternoon. My daughter is just looking at me. It’s time for me to call it quits and play with her.

    I get it. It’s really hard to be an awesome reader/commenter and live our daily lives. I’ve been ‘lucky’ this week that I haven’t been working since I had those awful skin patch tests. That being said, next week I’ll have less time to read and comment and that really bothers me.

    BTW: You rock! I hope you’ve been refreshing the comments on

  13. Lynn says:

    You hit the nail on the head. . . so much to do and so little time. If I’m working I do the exact same thing. . .how many seconds can I steal to read or comment on just one more? I loved “comments fuel the soul to continue writing” Oh how true! Thanks!

  14. I had to look for you after you left comments for me because I couldn’t look you up from your comments on my posts! But I found you. I love reading and commenting too. Hoping to find the time this weekend as I head to a big reading conference. Happy slicing!

  15. Elsie, it is so much harder this year with so many. But I am finding time, like you are – while coffee’s brewing, between sips of coffee, while a load of wash is in, during any meal I am alone, any time I pass the computer on the kitchen table, and any time there are a few extra minutes during the day, even if they are technically spoken for by some other duty.
    I find commenting not only good for the writer, but also me, the commenter. Sometimes I find new material as I connect with the writing, and but mostly it’s just good to make connections with the people.

  16. Michelle says:

    Elsie, I love the way you make “every day life” come alive! Stealing those minutes to read and respond. Think what this does for our writing? And think how kids would respond in the classroom with the constant feedback? Powerful. My husband can’t wait until April 1st . . . 🙂 You are the commenting queen!

  17. Tam says:

    Talk about a mentor text. I need to read that book. I have a running list in Ideas for Books notebook. I know what you mean when you think you’re going to only read just one more. That’s the best way–slices of time.

  18. Judy C. says:

    Oh, yes. I can relate. Michelle told me I’d be addicted and that has proved to be true. I (fortunately or not) can only read the slices when I’m home and make comments (gotta love receiving them). Thanks for your comments and encouragement and congrats on winning. Safe travels the rest of the month.

  19. Thanks for a little chuckle, because my house needs some cleaning, I now need to get upstairs to the shower & then your post popped up so I thought, maybe I can read Elsie’s first. I too am possessed. I am not getting to anywhere near what you’re doing, but I feel so responsible to read and comment as much as I can. Like you Elsie, I love the slices, & want to encourage. Thank you for being so, so kind to all of us! (And congrats for the win!) I posted on Ruth’s blog, too.

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