The Book Whisperer, Donalyn Miller, looks for hidden moments in the day where her students have the opportunity to read. Not a minute is wasted. If there is a minute, students are reading. That has been my model for finding moments to read and comment on slices.

I get up, get my coffee brewing and post my slice. Then I can read one or two before the coffee if ready. Cup in hand, I read and comment on a few more before I head to the shower.

Now I am dressed and ready to start the day, this week I am at home working. I head to my room, but before I can begin, I must check TWT. I refresh the browser to see how many more have posted. Quick, read, comment, read, comment, repeat. I am like a hamster on the wheel, it is spinning and I can’t get off. I want to read more.

STOP! I must prepare for the next few weeks. The little voice inside says, “Just check out one more.” So I do. Minimize the website, get to work! I work, but my mind is on the slices I read and did anyone comment on mine? A quick check reveals I do have comments. The comments make me smile. I need to comment back. Okay, I am back working.

Lunch time, I go out to heat up a Lean Cuisine. Look at that! It takes 9 minutes at 50% power, then let it sit for 2 minutes. Yes! I can read a few more while I wait.

On another day, I have stopped to pick up sandwiches to take home for lunch. As I wait for my order, I can read another slice. I start to respond, but the food is ready. Oh look, a red light, good. Now I can continue my comment. I sit at two more lights, but can’t push send until I get home. (No, I am not driving and commenting.)

My husband has said I am possessed. I remember this feeling from last year, but this year there are so many more! I do my best but I’m sorry if I didn’t get to you. I know how the comments fuel the soul to continue writing.

The rest of the month I will be working in schools three to four days a week and traveling many miles. My commenting will have to be evenings or stolen moments. I wish I could get Siri to read the blogs and take dictation while I drive, but she’s not that smart.