Skunks, Again

It must be the mating season for skunks. They have come out looking for a partner but that is not what they are getting. The side of the highways are littered with skunk carcasses. Last year I had a slice related to seeing so many dead skunks (if you are really curious click here).

My eyes scanned the road ahead, as I was driving across the state, looking for that fluff of fur waving in the wind. I did not want to be caught unaware and actually hit a skunk (dead or alive). The odor lingers on tires for days, yuk! Several times my vigilance paid off, as I was able to avoid the carcass on the road. Occasionally a tire tread would be lying on the road, but from a distance it appeared to take the shape of a skunk. Fortunately, I was able to avoid those too.

I wonder if anyone does a body count when they are scraping this flattened fauna off the road? I lost count after seeing thirty bodies within the first fifty miles of my trip. Do these creatures not hear the sound of vehicles? Is the mating urge so great they will cross dangerous zones to complete their desires? These are questions swirling around in my mind when I view the carnage of the road.

Keep a lookout, the season continues! Phew!