I Went for Strawberries

I love fruit. Every night I usually have a bowl of some kind of fruit as my salad portion of the meal. I love the summer fruits: watermelon, peaches, plums, peaches, honeydew, berries of all types, and did I mention peaches? When the summer fruits dry up and leave the stores I am left with grapefruits, oranges, pears, and apples. I make do, but I don’t savor these fruits like the summer fruits.

So when I discovered that Sam’s has strawberries that taste like strawberries, I am there. My routine is to go and get a container of strawberries and another of blackberries for my dinner fruit.  Each evening I dole out portions of each and I am set for the week.

Saturday I needed a break from working at my desk, so I thought I’d make a quick run to Sam’s to pick up my fruit for dinner that evening. I grabbed a cart as I entered, even though I was only going to get two items (well maybe three, avocados are $1 off) plus it’s nice not to have to balance purse and items. Anyway, back to the story . . . I push the cart towards the back of the store with my eyes scanning all merchandise just in case there is something new that needs to belong to me.  I don’t spot anything as I approach the fruit and vegetable area. I circle one cooler, no strawberries but lots and lots of grapes. I whip my cart around another cooler. No strawberries, but there are blackberries. I grab a container of blackberries. I pause, eyes looking over the tops of all the coolers. Where did they move the strawberries? I grumble to myself, “Why can’t they just leave stuff in one place, why do they have to move it around?” I begin to push the cart forward and I see a sample lady, so I head in that direction.

The sample lady is giving samples of blackberries and blueberries. “Where are the the strawberries?” I ask her.

The next words make me want to run from the store screaming “No, no, say it isn’t so!” She said, “We are out, but I think we are waiting for a shipment. Check with that guy stocking the grapes.” Did I mention, there were lots of grapes?

With hope welling up inside, I approach the stocker. “Have the strawberries come yet?” I ask in my most pleasant voice, so he will be willing to fetch them for me from the back (immediately).

“We won’t get another shipment until Monday,” he responds, barely glancing at me.

What? This is Saturday! That means two more days with no strawberries?! (Yes, I know other stores carry the berries, but you don’t understand these are soooo good. The others aren’t as tasty. I am very picky about my fruit!) I decide I will suffer through this famine of strawberries with two boxes of blackberries.

I go to check on the avocados, I add them to my cart. I wander to check on asparagus. Hmmm, that’s a good price, into the cart. Oh look, they have smaller bags of sugar snap peas. I can do something with them next week. What’s this? Mini zucchini? That looks like fun, add it to the other items. Well, I should grab a container of spinach, we haven’t had sauteed spinach in a while. Down another aisle I see pluots. Maybe I should get some since I can’t get strawberries. Add it to the cart. Sugar pears? Never had them, but anything with the word sugar in it has to be good, right? Only $1.98? I’ll try them too.

As I look over my cart, I decide to put the second box of blackberries back. I think I have enough fruit to tide me over until the drought of strawberries ends. What do you think?

I just went in for strawberries.