View of My Walk

Walking is how I get some exercise (not my favorite activity). Of course the conditions must be right: not too cold, not wet, prefer low wind. I am a fair weather walker. I should be grateful because my walk has given me many slices this past year. I wonder if there are any more slices left, then I walk and discover something to write about. Before I walk out the door I have my phone, a small notebook with a pen, and sometimes my camera. My pockets are bulging as I make my way down the road.

Step after step, my eyes are checking to see what has changed from the last time I walked (which may have been yesterday). The road stretches before me, the journey just beginning. I avoid looking down the road, it appears endless. Sigh . . . I continue on.

Finally I reach the end, where I turn right to continue the walk. The landscape changes slightly. There are more trees and other plant life. This is the road where I discovered the bones. “Will there be another discovery today?” is the thought that echos through my mind as I trudge down the road.

The discovery of the day is not bones, but a new living creature. Bok, bok, chuk is a new sound I hear today. The house at the corner now has chickens. Glad they are not my neighbors!

What will I discover the next time? You will be the first to know.


18 thoughts on “View of My Walk

  1. Love these pics of that sky and the road. So, I’m wondering if I took my camera while I walked and told myself I could find a story that maybe I’d get out there and walk more. I know I gotta do it. Just keep making excuses. 🙂

  2. jee young says:

    Your slice is reminding me that I need to start running outside again. I guess I could say I’m a sunny weather runner! Running outside during the winter is clearly not an option for me in Seoul (even though I see some people do it). Luckily, it looks like spring is almost here, which means I should start running again! 🙂

  3. I love your pictures! What a great outlook you have for something you don’t really enjoy (exercise!). The way you described the walk and the sights and your thoughts, added to the pictures in just the right spots, made it seem like I was walking along with you. Thanks for sharing!

  4. SueB says:

    I felt like I was there with you. I bet we would all look forward to walking if we had a friend along. But would we miss all that you saw today?

  5. Judy C. says:

    Thanks for taking me on your walk. I, too, am a fair weather walker and this morning was beautiful. You’ll hear about it next week. Walking is my time to pray and think and this morning gave me much food for thought. I need to take my camera with me! I’ll have to check out the bones.

  6. I LOVE the view of the “endless” road. The picture is so perfectly inviting, like that road could lead you anywhere! I also really enjoyed how you thought back to your discovery on that other walk. It’s fun how a place or sight can trigger a memory!

  7. You totally take us on an adventure…what will we find? I totally have to go and find your blog about the bones! I’m intrigued. But chickens this time – and your final comment cracked me up! I do like how Betsy saw the up side to neighborhood chickens – fresh eggs!

  8. Love that you say ‘fair weather walker’. I see those out my back yard in the park going with their dogs in rain, wind, snow-they do not look happy! I do love what you have to say on your walks Elsie & this time also you didn’t disappoint. I like your countryside view, but really you might have a visiting chicken sometime-bok, bok, chuk!

  9. I, too, am a fair weather walker! I am looking forward to spring so that I can get back out there on the road. I try to be an observer as I walk. I will try to do as you suggest and help look for the slices that are out there. Enjoy your walk…

  10. Yes! I completely understand that fearful question that flutters around – ‘I wonder if there are anymore slices left?’ Then you walk out the door…

    I also commiserate with the ‘sigh’ at the beginning of something that is good for me but begins with a sense of duty before joy can be discovered.

  11. I walk too..and I usually have to bribe myself with the promise of something….like a few extra minutes of computer time or a glass of wine with dinner! It seems to help if I bring my friends Arethra (Franklin), Green Day, the Beatles and the Beach Boys along! (It’s a strange group walking along my country road….)

  12. grade4wizard says:

    Walking is my time to be by myself and think. Like you I prefer nice weather, so not much walking has happened this winter. Only on sunny days. Keep walking and slicing. I don’t think there is an end to an inspiration from walking outside.

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